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Free! (well, You Pay Postage): Programs, A Hat And Some Mascots


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Hi everyone,

I'm moving house, and having a clearout. I've got a handful of programs (about 30? Home and away, most from games I attended, but a couple that came from those footy programme collection things you sent off for as a kif before the Internet was invented), two Blackburn rovers "nut" figures (i.e. clay nuts in Rovers kits), and a ceramic rovers door hanging thingy. Oh, and a plastic Shearer figure from a cereal box, back from when he was good (so in a rovers kit, naturally). It so blobby though it could be any blond haired player (oh yeah, back when he had hair too!).

Anyway, I just want rid of this, but I don't want to chuck it in the bin, and if I give it to a charity shop in Bristol (where I live), no-one will ever buy it. If someone covers postage (weight is about 2.5kg, so just a few quid), they can have it. I suppose if you happen to be in Bristol, or anywhere near Paddington in fancy London, I could probably just meet up and hand over.

I've got a picture of the lot if anyone's interested.



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I'll take it.

Do you want me to paypal you the cash?

Hi there. I trust you! Drop me an email (Leon.gierat at googlemail) and I'll package up and post off. You can pay me once I know how much it cost.


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