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[Archived] Football Fan Web Documentaries

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Hi there,

A major London-based production company is making a series of web documentaries for a major UK brand about football fans of all kinds.

Each film will revolve around fans from a specific Premiership club. We're looking for subjects who are ardent football supporters but also interesting characters in their own right. They can be any age or gender -- the most important thing is that they're also interesting people with stories of their own to tell. We'll be talking to each person about their thoughts on the club's 2009 season, their hopes for the coming season, and just more generally finding out about them, their lives and the cities they live in. These people must be willing to be interviewed and filmed for films that will eventually appear online.

The filming would take half a day between the dates of the 16th - 26th July. The films will be screened online website prior to the season’s start.

If you think you fit the description, or know someone who does, please email ada2009@ymail.com with a bit about your candidate, including age, what team they support, their occupation, their highlight of the 2009 premiership season, what their hopes are for 2010 and any interesting personal facts about them. Small groups of friends (max. 4) are also encouraged to contact us.


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