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[Archived] Socom:confrontation

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this is my game of the moment, how many others on here play it?

with all its problems its still a great game, and its one of a kind. everything you do decided if you live or die and with no respanws most people watch their back.

a few things put people off it the reviews, but you have to bear in mind all of then where done when it was released in the US andsince then its have several updates that has made it more stable (i wont lie its not prefect) and with 1.50 just around the corner it should be near perfect.

also some info for those with the game, patch 1.50 is due in the next 1-2 weeks

We are happy to announce that SOCOM: Confrontation Update 1.50 is in its final stages of QA testing and we expect the update to be ready for release in the next week or two.

Due to the extensive list of new features and the amount of content in this update, it has taken longer than expected to finish up the QA process. We appreciate your patience and we are very happy to be getting this update to you. After Update 1.50 is released, it will be followed by Update 1.60 which will include free downloadable content. We will be providing you more information on that update and the DLC pack in the coming weeks.

We hope you will enjoy the new features that Update 1.50 brings and again, we thank you for your patience! clicky

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