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[Archived] The Story Of The Season So Far....

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Although I've been doing a fair bit of lurking, I've not actually done much posting this season. But, after our recent run of games its about time I chucked my two penneth worth in (for what its worth).

So far its been a roller coaster season. Some highs (Burnley, Villa, 2nd half against Pompey) and some deep, dark lows (Arse, Chelski, Man Yoo).

Having this season changed my seat from the BBurn End to JW Upper, I now seem to have a different perspective on the game (and can see the Darwen End for a change :rolleyes: ).

Here's my take on things so far :-

Big Sam - I was a huge fan when he was at Bolton. I even thought he was good England Management material at one time. However, I feel his tactics (up until the 2nd half of the Pompey game) have been negative and one dimensional. Yes, we have won home games against the likes of Villa and Burnley with one up front, but this system has been well and truly shown up for what it is away from home. As soon as teams work out how to negate Dunn, we are screwed. A perfect example of this was the 1st half against Pompey. Kudos to Sam for going all out in the second half with an unbelievable 4-3-3 formation, but I suspect if we had lost that game Sam might have been clearing his desk come Monday. The football has not been pretty - we are heavilly reliant on set pieces, long throws and batterng ram style tactics. Phil Brown at Hull is the same. He's clearly a product of the Big Sam school of management and tactics.

The three big losses away (Arse, Chelski, Man Yoo) hurt. What really hurts is that Sam seems to have written off these types of games - there are too many percenatges in Sams mind for my liking. Football is a sport, not a maths problem. Under Souness and Hughes we at least gave the top 4 sides a run for their money and occassionally even beat them. We seem to have fallen along way behind under Sam. :angry:

However, after all is said and done, I like Sam . He tells it like he is, and he obviously unclenched his buttocks at half time against Pompey and did the right thing - and should be applauded by every Rovers fan for doing so.

Transfers - We all hope Kalinic suceeds. £6 mill is a lot to a club like us. We simply do not have the resources to spend to compete with 75% of the clubs in this league. Central Midfield is a disaster area and Sam need to address the problem in the New Year. Apart from N'Zonzi, we look weak. Keith Andrews (bless him for trying) is not good enough in most peoples eyes. What puzzles me is why both Sam and Trappatoni continually pick him - is there seriously no alternative for either Rovers of the Irish ? Di Santo is class, and hopefully we can keep him until the end of the season now Chelski have had their transfer ban lifted. Those on this board who want to sign him - dream on. Its never going to happen.

I was glad to see the back of Sant Cruz. We don't need sulkers at the club. I was less glad to see the back of Warnock, but Chimbonda has proven a more than adequate replacement. I still think we need another central defender.

Possible in's and out's in the New Year ? After the Pompey game we need to keep Benni - but the Benni who was magnificent for 45 minutes and not the Benni who lumbers around the pitch throwing his arms in the air and pleading to the ref every time he looses the ball. Sam's man-management skills will be severely tested with him.

Roberts - despite his two goals on Saturday - never convinces me.

Pederson and Diouf need to go, and replacements found. Who, is anyones guess.

I still think we need a creative midfielder and centre back. We really missed the boat of Tuncay.

Just my views.

Accyrover :wstu:

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I'm a new season ticket holder, and agree with the vast majority of that.

The away form is abysmal, but the last 3 have been at Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd. Sam seemed to be over-awed and lack any belief that we could compete. The fans would rather we had a go, and the results could hardly have been worse. I think players want to have a go, too. If you try to ask questions of the home team, they have to try to answer them, which distracts them from examining you, to a certain degree at least. We've not had the pace in the side to do that this season.

Our home form is very good, we just need to keep that going and work on the tactics, personnel and formation away from home. Hopefully Sam will come up with a more attcking line-up and then when he tells us what a tactical genius he is, who gives a toss?!

Very happy with Nzonzi, what a steal.

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