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[Archived] Live At Ewood Around Easter

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I'm really hoping for a minute of your time here, you can probably help me using almost no time! This is regarding Seven's appreciated "Blackburn" song. We are currently planning a live tour in Blackburn just before or just after easter. Of course we are working on either Ewood or Blues bar on match day (against Chels or ManU most prob), but I'm currently checking out some additional venues.

A couple are looking nice like the Live Lounge, 41 King Street and The Residence. We are planning on playing three or four nights. If any of you have inside info regarding the live/pub scene or possibly know resource people, please send me a mail! Supply the Norwegians with tips!

Finally the whole fresh album including "Blackburn" is available for FREE on Spotify! It has been available on iTunes for a while for a small sum, but I reckon a lot of you enjoy Spotify's magnificent streaming possibility covering almost every artist in the world, giving the opportunity to listen before purchasing. If any of you need a Spotify invite, send me a mail and I will hook you up.

This does of course mean that you can give the album as many free swings you want! I promise you that you will be surprised - it doesn't matter much what music genre you fancy, as we have gotten heavy artillery positive feedback from fans of rock, pop, metal, hip hop, classical you name it.

The link for tonights entertainment: SEVEN - "The Fifth" on Spotify

The band members are of course very interested in what everybody thinks about their latest effort. Please feel free to fill me in on what you experience with "The Fifth", it will really be appreciated! Thanks for your time and effort.

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