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Big Sam And Rafa Trade Verbal Blows

Guest Kamy100

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Guest Kamy100

After Liverpool's fortunate 2-1 victory over Rovers, Liverpool Manager was his normal gracious self towards Rovers:

Rafael Benitez: "They (Blackburn) have a style and they are a team that plays this way under this manager (Sam Allardyce). We won so we they have to be thinking about whether the style is good or not. Some people have to talk before the press conference or after because it is more difficult for them to do a football job. I think it is a model for all the managers around the world, their style of football, his behaviour. It is the perfect model for all the kids and I'm sure all parents will enjoy this model and encourage their kids to be the same. The style of football, I think, Barcelona are thinking of copying."

Clearly annoyed by this and various other comments that Rafa has made over the last few years, Sam Allardyce responded:

"It was only because Liverpool have a go at me and because I am entitled to respond when I get criticised by Rafa Benitez. If you don't understand that over the last few years you must be deluded. Not this time but many other times I have been criticised personally by the manager - all I said was they got six bookings at Manchester City away so they are digging games out now rather than the flowing football they played last year. We had five bookings and 25 fouls given against us which was, for me, a wrong reflection on how we played. We haven't come here and hung on, we've dominated the game for long periods."

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