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[Archived] Cutting Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face?

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Guest Kamy100

This is par for the course for Pakistan Cricket. As for the lifetime ban, Younis Khan hasn't played much for a year and Mohammed Yousef is coming to the end of his career.

It is interesting to see that both the Akmal brothers and Afridi have only been fined and not banned. They should also have been banned, but the PCB will not take this action because they are key 20/20 players for Pakistan in the forthcoming world cup.

These bans are all a PR stunt for the PCB, they want to show that they are taking decisive action, the reality is that they don't give two hoots about "doing the right thing", all they care about is maximising income, at the moment T20 is the huge income generator and that is why the likes of Afridi have not been banned.

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