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[Archived] Frankie Boyle - Kgh

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So I've had two Frankie Boyle tickets for November 19th booked for over a year and looking forward to it massively.

However, due to not writing the date down I've managed to double book myself and it's looking unlikely I can make the Friday night show. Completely gutted.

I was wondering if there was a good Samaritan out there who has two tickets for the November 22nd KGH show (or a Guild Hall show the week before) that would be willing to swap?

My tickets, if I remember correctly, are on either the first or second row (can't be sure just now, but will be able to check tomorrow) - so you could nab yourself an upgrade and a chance to be cut down by the big man himself.

I would be eternally grateful. Even if you don't have tickets, but know someone who does who might fancy swapping, please let them know.


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