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WGA Still In The Running?

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Published: Thursday, 28 October 2010

WGA Still In The Running

by Kamy

Ahsan Ali Syed, through his spokesperson, has talked exclusively to BRFCS.com about WGA's proposed bid to purchase Blackburn Rovers.

Mr Ali, who launched his bid to purchase Rovers in July, was initially granted exclusivity, but the deal was not completed and this week Rovers announced that they were close to selling the club to rival bidders Venky's of the VH Group.

Talking exclusively to BRFCS.com, a spokesperson on behalf of Mr Ali said, "We would like the fans to know that we are still very interested in the purchase of Blackburn Rovers. We are committed to the plans that we shared earlier, including the proposed amount of money to be invested."

The spokesperson confirmed that Mr Ali has also been impressed by the fans as he has been inundated with messages of support in recent days: "Mr Ali has been impressed by the commitment of the fans and their great interest in the well-being of the club." With this in mind, WGA have revealed to BRFCS a ground-breaking scheme: "Should the takeover bid be successful, then we are thinking about giving some shares back to the fans, as you the fans should have the right to decide on the future of the club as well."

Just when it looked like the club was about to be sold, is the Blackburn Rovers takeover saga about to take another dramatic twist?


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