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My name is Dan, I'm a 30 year old father of 2 little girls, one is 5 and she is Rovers through & through the other is 5 months & although she doesn't realise it she will be too as she gets older!!!

I live in Accrington with my wife who is unfortunately a dingle (it's not her fault, all her family are the same, she was brainwashed!!!) and my 2 little ones.

I was born in Blackburn & lived across the road from Ewood, this is where I became a Rovers supporter as my dad used to take me & my brother on all the time. I went to my first game when I was 2 and I've been going ever since.

I work in full time, but I live & breathe football. I play (badly) perhaps 2 or 3 times a week, maybe more sometimes and at the moment I manage an 11 a side team in the Accrington Combination League. Although I don't have a season ticket this season due to wife's work commitments I have been in the past and will be again.

When I'm not doing anything football I DJ a little bit, more of a hobby these days rather than the paid gigs I used to do & I make my own music, again not as much as I should be doing but every now and again when I get some time in the studio.

I've been a member of this message board for a few years now, and I maybe don't post as much as I used to but I'm still on here everyday checking what's going on and it truly is a great source of information about the club and a place where I have heard fascinating snippits of information that have given me a slight insight into the inner workings of our club and I'm really grateful to all you chaps that make it happen.

Anyway that's your lot... see you on the boards.. Dan! :rover:

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