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[Archived] No way out


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The situation we find ourselves in after recent developements has never been worse. We still have an inexperienced manager who is not really up to

the job but has the full backing of the most powerful person amongst the owners. We are teetering on the brink of relegation, if nothing changes

till the new year we will probably be all but relegated by then.

What can we do about it? unfortunately not a lot. Protests are important and make people feel better but it looks like the indians are not even listening.

Mrs D is reported to have wanted to sell us, she is supposed to be the most powerful person amongst the directors and is no longer interested in the

Rovers, where does that leave us ? Balagi and the other brother got spooked by what they saw and witnessed at wigan it now appears that we have no friends

at all on the board.

Bearing in mind the above why would they not want to offload us at a profit to the Qataris, you would have thought they would have bitten their hand off !

The reason I say there is no obvious way out is the venkys as a family business own us outright, they will not sell us and continue to support an

incompetent manager the only logical outcome this season is relegation, but the venkys dont seem to care !

Maybe the answer is that they are really not interested in football at all, merely what they can get out of venkys london using our revenues going

forward including parachute payments to support their expansion plans. If this is the case I can see NO WAY OUT.

incompetent manager.

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