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Hello all,

Some of you know me, others are awaiting to know me. I just realized that I have not done one of these.

I was born in 1984 and became a Rovers fan as soon as I had the conscious ability to be one. This was seen as a controversial choice by many as I was born and lived in Preston but as my Dad had been a Rovers fan all of his life, it was always going to be that way. I had a season ticket for the entirety of my youth and much of my adult life. Starting from the days of 'What ticket is it today Dad?' "It says 'FF' son, it's a cup game!" ranging to the high tech credit card days. I've had a rather fortunate life in many regards. I got to see Rovers win the Championship, win the Worthington Cup and even win promotion. I was also extraordinarily fortunate to meet my American wife at University (Central Lancashire) and move to New York in August 2011. I miss being at Ewood but I help run New York Rovers with Jay (CaliRoverNYC) and that is a big help. The passion that our followers have for Rovers is incredible, especially considering that a few of them have never even been to England!

My experience with BRFCs actually started in 2001, I was a cheeky scamp of sixteen years old that was told off for being a cheeky scamp on more than one occasion. I forgot my username and password and only got around to returning 7 years later.

It all started when I returned from America in 2008. I opened up my suitcase to find a shoddily wrapped picture frame smashed inside my suitcase. Broken glass was everywhere and it was shortly followed by blood having accidentally discovering a hidden shard. In that moment of physical pain it hit me that I should now return to BRFCs with the username Broken Picture Frame.

I had a brief moment of fame in a time where I brought news of a few stories to the board, namely the Venkys takeover and Big Sam's firing. However having writing a few stories that never happened and being warned by a few people that I was upsetting the chicken farming headquarters of India, I decided to call it a day.

I now exist on the messageboard to read the opinions of others and mostly as a means of group therapy. I occasionally give my own opinion and try not to make it seem too sarcastic.

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