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Hi Everyone

From Accrington (Baxenden really) originally but now in Sydney the last twenty odd years. I get over two or three times a year and always try to take in a game. Sadly only managed one last year but it was a belter. 3-1 v Liverpool. Two memories, I've never been as cold in my life and I confidently predicted to all in the Alma that I thought Kean would turn out to be a great manager. I know my football. In retrospect the signs were there - sitting back for the last 30 minutes. Even though it was a handy lead it was nail biting stuff right to the end. Missed penalty I seem to remember.

I have to be honest and confess BRFC are not my first team but a very fond second. My uncles used to take me to Ewood whenever they could be bothered , broke my arm there when I was seven and fell off one the metal poles they used to have on the terraces. I watch every game I can over here, apart from last week when it was the only game not shown live on Foxtel (cable). I listen to the excellent BRFCS podcasts as soon as they are out.

Really glad to see that we (hope you don't mind me using 'we' given my above confession) are out of the drop zone. I'm the eternal optimist and the pain of last year is already dimming. Last four W2 D1 L1 not bad considering who it was against.

I have no radical views on what's happening but I do believe the Venkys are wrong for the club, I don't think they're bad people just out of their depth and not as wealthy as some would have us believe. Kean appears to be getting better, just a pity we had to pay for his education. Certainly the Fulham game, when Fox finally put the replay on, looked tactically a lot better.

I have worked in IT since the eighties so I think I even out geek the previous poster, Glenn.

Thanks for having me. Here's to safety and sanity in 2012.

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