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[Archived] community march

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After one of the worst ever seasons I have ever witnessed as a Blackburn Rovers supporter, I believe that the time as finally arrived that all rovers supporters need to stick together and be rid of the vermin that has brought our club to its knees. The legacy that Jack Walker left us has well and truly been destroyed by indian owners who promised the fans the earth but have delivered nothing. The fans have had to suffer bad performances and unsatisfactory results from the team we love due to having an inept manager in charge, The excuses we have had to listen to after the defeats in my opinion have been totally unacceptable, The way the club has been run has been a complete and utter shambles. we have lost our premier league players that have been replaced with mediocre players that are really only good enough to play in the lower divisions.

My Ewood P ark experience this season has seen fans protesting against the owners and the manager, rovers fans turning against rovers fans, this is something i have never witnessed in over 43 years of attending ewood park. I have witnessed heavy handed tactics used by the club that has never been known at ewood, Blackburn Rovers has gone from being one of the best run family clubs in the premier league to the laughing stock of the whole country thanks to the owners venkatesh hatcheries, all this in just seventeen months of ownership.

Relegation from the premier league is all but confirmed, all this after our manager Steve Kean had stated that relegation would never be an issue and that a top ten finish in the top flight of english football would be pretty much where we would end up, The detrimental effect that our community will endure is not quite certain yet, the loss of revenue coming in to our town from the away supporters will be devastating to local businesses, the gate receipts at Ewood will be unsufficent to keep the club afloat, many of our up and coming stars from the academy will have to be sold as the home support will dwindle back to the same attendances we once got before the Jack Walker era, this could be the death of our once proud football club,

So what can us the fans really do about this, unfortunately I do not have the answer, But what i have decided is to drum up support for all Blackburn Rovers supporters to attend the proposed community march before the Norwich game as we need to show the club, the owners, the manager and the world media that the people of Blackburn will not just sit there while our football club is being dismantled piece by piece. the time has come for us all to stand up for what we believe in, Venkys and kean has outstayed their welcome in our town and in our club. RTWD

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