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[Archived] Steve Kean - STFU

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Stfu2.jpgFellow Rovers fans. Like you, I am feeling incredibly angry after last night's abject and pathetic surrender of Premiership status. One thing bothers me more than any thing else though, and that is, the continuing stream of ill conceived and inflamatory drivel emanating from the vocal chords of Steve Kean. I mean, I switch on the radio this morning, there he is, droning on as if he and his team had done everything in their power to avert this crisis. I put the telly on, and there he is again, vowing that we will bounce back stronger. I look in the papers and there are endless quotes from this buffoon, all suggesting he is seriously considering continuing his tenure at the club.. incredible, imo...

Now is not the time to vow to fight on. Now is not the time to tell us the owners are behind you. Now is not the time to tell us the players are numb.

Now is the time to just SHUT THE FECK UP, then walk away with your head held as low as you can possibly get it, you ugly, incompetent, vindictive and vile cretin.

Leave us alone in our misery, because to hear you continuing to spout your conceited and confused drivel is just confirmation that you actually want to make things worse for those of us who just care about our club. Go. Now.

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An honorable or "dignified" person would have left 6 months ago upon realising he's not up to the job.

The fact that he have not done so tells us what type of person he is so i won't be placing any bets on him ever leaving voluntarily.

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