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Hello everyone. First Rovers memory is standing in old nuttal st stand with my Dad and celebrating a win. I was born and raised in Blackburn but no longer live in the area, I'm a lifelong Rovers supporter. Favourite players; Tugay, Friedal, Duff, Gallacher, Berg, Shearer (as long as I block out his punditry), Flowers, Henchoz, Ripley, Sutton, Givet, Batty, Perez and Valery (for some reason both left a lasting impression on me in their short time at Ewood) and Jansen. Best moments, watchng Duff skin people down the left from the walkersteel stand, Chris Suttons free kick against Newcastle to qualify for uefa cup, Premier league champions celebrations at Ewood and beating Bunley at Turf moor in 2000/2001 season. Worst moments, last 18 months, relying on Ashley Ward to save us from relegation, cringing when Grabbi was on goal, champions league campaign.

I'll admit I'm not a season ticket holder and only go to games sporadically, usuallly when family and work committments permit...and I have some money in my pocket. The only time I had a season ticket is the year we got promoted with Sounness from the championship. Lucky enough to have grown up with rovers during the glory years with all the excitement from gaining promotion from old 2nd div to winning the worthington cup and everything in between. I've been coming to this webiste sinc eliving out of the area it serves as the only way of knowing the opinions of fellow rovers supporters, and when I haven't been to the match nor watched it on tv it gives me a better review of the game then reading the match reports in the national papers, registered now as it seems sensble thing to do after viewing for while and hopefully I will stop feeling like a voyeur and participate in some of the debates. All the forums seemed to be dominated by genuine and civilized supporters. I'm not really interested in getting into debates about what and who constitutes as proper supporters and who and shold and should and shouldn't be allowed to support rovers as I've sometimes seen on the LET website, hence why I come. I would say I'm passionate about Blackburn Rovers, I'm happy when they win, irritated when they lose, grown up supporting Rovers and will die supporting rovers, but somethings are more important to me such as spending time with family and unfortunately working to make ends meet for family.

best wishes

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