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SINCE 1996
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Bold Venture park..


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.. was my home as a kid, that and sunnyhurst (me and granddad would be at the Sunnyhurst pub on a weekly basis, outside cigar and the black stuff and schwepz lemonade and walkers salt and vinegar for me) oh and Darwen Tower and surrounding areas.

My dad was good friends with the Walkers, used to have a plant hire firm and millions in the bank back in the 70s mostly thanks to Jack who was my dads friend until he(my dad) started drinking)..

I am still a proud fool, was one of the best in my profession (internet stuff) for many years and lost it all thanks to falling in love and loosing her to an aristocrat (no kidding was a lords son).

Done most things in the uk that you would not want to experience from living with dodgy Geordie families (some of the best times of my life), living with a religious cult, being homeless though to being a very rich fool.

Now starting to rebuild my life with one big eye on my star of a kid, little Lucky Lucianna Veevers.

Trained in psychology, philosophy and computing to degree level a bit beyond.

Sort of happy with life, have so many experiences that it is has become very humorous, what matters to me now is I have LIVED without regret and will continue to do so.

Now live in the last refuge of British culture in sunny Norwich.. love the place but do miss home.

BTW Jacks sons where spoilt fools was always dads little girl who mattered and cared about rovers.

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