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The 10 Point Plan To Introducing Myself

1. I have no inside information nor could get any,on Rovers.

2. I am in no way related to Anderson,Kean or Venkys! (Phew that's a relief I must have some luck after all)

3. I will not ask any other people for e-mail advice on what to post,even though V.Rao wants me to!

4. I may at some time have tried Venkys' chicken,but on no account did I digest that chicken!

5. I was a ball-boy,years back,and my crowning achievement was getting into the changing rooms at the England v Sweden Ladies match!

6. I was once in the Royal Bank of Scotland and sneezed all over the back of Colin Hendry in a brand new suit! (Striking a very early blow before Kean employs him)

7. I once found Corrado Grabbi's payslip and credit card receipt.Seems he was an early Peter Kay fan as he always seemed to eat at Bolton Services!

8. I can be both positive and negative,unlike some certain person.

9. If my spellings off,which it most invariably is,then please don't pull that up in a reply to a post when you can't be bothered to answer the post itself.

10. Lets have some fun in these dire times!

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