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A Rovers Review


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My first post!

What are people's opinions of our current squad? I really think we need to make some big changes just to survive in this league.

Here's my review of our starting 11 from tonight plus a few extras.

Robinson : Simply, he still has the quality to be our number one.

Olsson : Clever and reliable player but needs a connecting player in front of him. At the moment in my opinion he connects best with his brother.

Hanley : In Dann we have a sensible centre back that we need but what we are missing in this position is somebody who worries other teams . Hanley will fill this gap one day but he doesn't yet. He is the best we have available for selection and I think we need to bring someone in the next window.

Dann : Good player and is the best centre back we have. I think I a lot of his time goes into looking after Hanley and Henley which can cause mistakes.

Henley : Starts well but his opposing player works him out pretty quickly. Once he has been beaten his confidence to take runs has gone and doesn't return and hesitates for the rest of the game. He is a player that is developing but I think our current run of form isn't going to help him at all. Givet needs to return to this role.

Formica : Excellent work ethic but doesn't seem to have a specific role to me. Seems to roam. He does this well but his time could be used more efficiently I'm sure.

Murphy : He has potential and the calibre to make a difference. Although probably at a stage in his career where not much training would be taken on board he needs work on his play.

Rochina : Struggles to make an impact. Teams have become wise to his style of play. He has great skill but not enough when teams are prepared for him. Should be used last 20-30 mins when there is a chance the opposition is becoming tired and not prepared for him.

Ethuhu : His days of being an all round midfielder are gone and doesn't fill his current position well at all. I wonder how he would fare as a centre back next to Dann with the age old instruction, if in doubt kick it out?

Rhodes : Genuinely feel sorry for him. Teams are again wise to him and close him out of the game. He does however have the skill to overcome this but not on his own. It seems that our only choice is to use him as a decoy to keep defenders busy.

Lowe : Again like Formica has no particular role when used either to start or as a sub. Is a good player but I don't feel like he has the skill and vision to change games. Suits full back more than midfield.

Kazim-Richards : Adds strength to squad and his passion for BRFC and football in general clearly shows through. Time and effort should be spent on making him full match fit. He has his quirks but as I said he has the strength and passion to decide games.

Pedersen : Hard to give a review. I feel he should be on the pitch but I just don't know where. He doesn't have the pace anymore to be a winger, but he has the touch (most of the time) to change games.

In general I think the squad needs a complete overhaul. Particular attention needs to be paid to fitness and spacial awareness. Serious time also needs to be spent giving some players confidence to make passes longer than 10-15 yards. Possession football is great when teams are in sync and are aware of each other. We just aren't any of those and need to look at alternatives methods of play.

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