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[Archived] Pune Rovers - Indian Players

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This is just my take on things for the future and it's a scary one

When venkys first took over their plan was to eventually get Indian Players playing in the premier league and set up their own Indian premier league or at least have a rovers type team in India?

The way I see things now tho is this... India isn't a great talented football nation the way I see us going and maybe was venkys plan all along was to drop to the lower leagues so the standard of football would tie in with that over in India? or league 1/2 would probably be if the standard of any top league in India....

this is what I think the plan for venkys is but obviously the who premier league thing is just a smoke screen as under venous it would never happen hence why we are dropping like a sack of @#/?.

please don't delete as I'd like opinions ans maybe a decent discussion on this

thanks for reading

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