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[Archived] Protests in Turkey continue... U21 game suspended due to tear gas


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Things have continued to rumble on out here.

On Tuesday another student was killed from a teargas canister shot at his head. Anyhow there was big protests and they tried to get to Taksim. The police responded with so much tear gas and water cannon that the U21 turkey V's Sweden being played 1/4 of a mile away.... yes over a 1/4 of a mile away had to be suspended for around 30 mins or so because the players were effected by the teargas clouds wafting in.

Just think how much teargas you have to shoot for it to drift a 1/4 of a mile and still be strong enough to stop a football match for 30 mins... Erdogan is taking the gloves off and not allowing any protests... Yet if you want to protest against the overthrow of the Muslim brotherhood in Egpyt well the police (AKP bootboys) would give you an escort. They also teargassed Kadikoy for the first time last night too..

Things will hot up again now over the next month. Thank goodness they didn't get the Olympics!

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