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SINCE 1996
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Hi I'm Tim and I'm looking for my father

Tim Bottomley

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Hello there,

I'm not on this site for the regular reason's people come to this site.

I'm sorry for that but as I stated in the title I'm looking for my father and I hope you might be able to help me find out where he lives now or how I might contact him. If he's even alive at all.

Last time I saw him was in 1996 I was 5 years old so I don't really remember that much about him (I was in Blackburn for two weeks with my mom) I just know a few thing about him really. His name is Brian Bottomley, he was a Blackburn Rover supporter and he loved the Ramones. He lived in the Netherlands, Utrecht for about 2 years (might be a bit more or less I'm not sure) He used to live at his fathers house in Blackburn. He has a younger sister Michelle and an older brother Frank.

That's about all I know, I hope someone out there knows something



Update 1 Feb 2014

I found out he died on April 7th.

If there's someone who either knows Frank or Michelle or could get in contact with someone who does it would be very helpfull

Thanks a lot for the support.


Update 17-03-14

I have found both Frank and Michelle.

We've had contact true email and i'm awaiting a phone call now.

Thanks to everybody that helped and aspecially to DanLad for finding Michelle.

One love,


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