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[Archived] News Article -> After Berg: Now What? — A Statement By Sir Bill Taylor

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Sir Bill Taylor, chair of the umbrella group of fans, groups, trusts, forums, fanzines and websites who support the Rovers, today issued this statement.

After the departure of Henning Berg, Eric Black et al.: Where now for Blackburn Rovers Football Club?

The departure of the recent coaching staff quartet marks another saddening chapter in the recent story of the once proud Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

We the fans want to see the ownership, backroom and playing management strong and on an even keel.

The owners, the Rao family, have no track record and palpably no instinct for running an English football league team, especially one rooted in the culture and traditions of the East Lancashire former cotton towns. They have turned to people they have learned to like and thought they could trust to successfully guide the club through this transitional period. But things have gone rapidly downhill.

The replacement of the playing staff management team is clearly the preeminent priority. It is the job of a steady and sound club management team to hire and fire the best possible coaching staff.

We urge that the replacements have the following qualities: proven track record, an understanding of local affiliation, bottle, skill, hardworking, down to earth, respected, honourable.

We urge that this process of replacement is done quickly but not rushed.

All the fans' groups are united in having the best interests of the club very much at heart. Our town and beyond love our football club. We see it as our football club, belonging to and representing our communities, neighbourhoods, families and friends. We are hardworking, proud and determined. Our football club acts as both a rallying point and an escape from our daily lives and their circumstances. We will not be "picked off" by diversionary token gestures by the owners' local representatives.

After the right team has been recruited, we urge the Raos to engage with the right people right across the different communities of East Lancashire. They cannot begin to understand the complexities and subtleties of these communities from afar and should begin again the process of engagement with these key groups.

Sir Bill Taylor,


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