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Souness defends Tugay.


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Numerous web sites are reporting that, Rovers midfielder Tugay has denied making death threats to Beckham and Rio Ferdinand during Wednesday nights game againsts England.

Tugay was quoted as saying that the England duo are going "to die" when England play the return game in October. However Graeme Souness insists Tugay did not make the threats

Souness is quoted on numerous sites and on Sky Sports News.  "I have spoken to the player and he said he did not say anything like that at all to David Beckham or any other player, I believe him and I would ask the public to believe him as well.

Souness went on to say Tugay didnt speak to any English Journalist and that people know he doesnt give interviews.

News Update

Tugay has released a statement to the Press Association rejecting claims that he made death threats to David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand.

Tugay has insisted he has never threatened a player during his career and had in fact received Beckham's thanks after telling him to cool it following the England captain's yellow card.

Tugay is quoted as saying:Death has no place in football. Throughout my career I have never threatened another player, football is a game not a war.

After his booking I told Beckham to calm down for which he later thanked me. At no time did I mention he was going to die.

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