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DC Washington v Blackburn Rovers. Match Report


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Blackburn Rovers kicked off their pre-season schedule with a 1-1 draw against DC United Washington  early this morning.

Kick off 12.30 am.BST.

Blackburns goal being scored by Andy Cole on the half hour mark. The result of the game was eventually determined by penalties.

For further information and  match reports from the ground by Rovers supporters click onDC.United v Rovers

and Match Report

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For a team in pre-season form, integrating two (well, I guess actually three) new members, with only a few days practicing together, Rovers looked cohesive, but, at this point, not too threatening. The other thing to remember is that DC United is in mid season form and so was able to buzz about rather tirelessly. I do think, however, that the back line is suspect in handling attackers with speed. United got behind them on both the flanks and in the center way to easily. Overall I'd have to say that United was a much faster team (I have to say that because my daughter made the observation and she is a very good observer of the game).

Had Brad stayed in goal Rovers would have won. It was keeper error that enabled United's goal. It was United's secret weapon, Ali Curtis, who had just entered the game, whose speed and persistence started the sequence following a long ball into space down the flank. Ali is very, very fast and fights unrelentingly for the ball.

Hudson (United's Geordie manager) played everyone but one. United's starters included a defender who was playing his first professional game. The keeper who stopped the penalty kick was playing his first also. He just graduated from college last year, so has had no professional experience before this year. Oh, and an earlier post asked who Ben Olsen is. He's a capped national player who was injured while on loan to Forrest a couple of years ago (they loved him and he loved them) and is just coming back from a series of operations on his ankle.

Much Blue and White in the stands and many in other colors, even some wearing the hated red. And the Cross of St. George flag was flying over the stadium. So we all stood for the anthems of both countries. All in all a very enjoyable night, although I could have done without that shoot out. Why couldn't we just leave it at a draw? That was the fair result, and that's what the majority on United's BigSoccer boards are calling it.

Rovers are in good company. DC United have never lost a friendly to an English team--Tottenham, Leeds and Newcastle. Just fortunate that none of these were in mid-season form when the games happened (well, may Tottenham. but neither team took either of the games too seriously). United were serious tonight.

Hopefully DC United can make a visit to Ewood as they did to Tottenham this year. That would certainly be all the excuse I'd need to get my butt over there.

Cheers to all. It was so good seeing my 'other' team.

By seahawkdad on July 24 2003, 06:56

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