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DC Washington v Blackburn.


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First... Friedel is God.  No ####, God.  He made a couple of amazing saves, and a few really really good ones.  Seems to be in mid season form.

DC had the run of play the first half, quite a few dangerous chances, Rovers only had a few.

I TOLD you that announcer was unbelievable.

Amoruso is stroooong.

Rovers picked it up in the second half, had more of the ball, but not many clear chances.

Friedel - yes, Yelldell - no.

Rovers midfield needs some work.  (Reyna would help, really).

Great move by Souness to put Yelldell in.  On one hand, it really was, for the yank fans.  Gave us yanks a chance to cheer Friedel off, he got a standing ovation.  On the other hand, it really was, for DC united fans.  Gave them a chance to get a win!

DC goal had two causes.  Ali Curtis speed and determination.  Whoever the defender was underestimated both, and Curtis managed to for him to pass to Yelldell who was 'under duress'.  Second, Yelldell blew it, didn't just blast the ball out of the area, gave Curtis a chance to tip it to Brian Carroll who puts in the sitter for the equalizer.

Yelldell drops a cross (or corner, can't remember).  Luckily for him, no DC player near.  He seemed poor on the penalties, too.  Very unsure.  DC's backup keeper seemed much more sure of himself.

It was nice to end the friendly on penalties, no matter who the winner was, it was great for the fans.

Friedel, god.  Amoruso played well.  Cole/Yorke quick, but didn't create that many chances.  Emerton looked good.  Galliger/Oestenstad were non factors.  Yelldell needs work.  Overall, Rovers started slow, but that may have been due to DC playing well.  Three Englishmen behind me commented a few times that "DC is a decent side!".  They seemed surprised by the quality.  Rovers played better in the second half, but need some midfield help.  Played most of the second have with Galliger/Oestenstad, which didn't help.  Overall, a good first game for the preseason for Rovers.  By that I mean better than playing some 9th division club team and winning 10-0.  This showed where work needs to be done.

I TOLD you the announcer was whacky!

And, finally, it didn't rain!

By American40 on July 24 2003, 05:52

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Just got back from the game awhile ago, a really good match and I'm thrilled that I got to see Rovers play for the first time!

Interesting match to watch.  As American40 said, D.C. had the better of play for the first half, but Cole's strike tipped momentum in Rovers' favor.  They dictated (if not dominated) play throughout the second half until there were about ten minutes left.  United kept striving forward looking for the equaliser, and now we return to Yelldell's gaffe...

First of all, not a great ball played back to him by Neill, but Yelldell should have played it safe.  Instead he tried to play back to Neill, and Ali Curtis was able to knock the ball (which was kicked straight into him) across the goalmouth where Carroll waited to stuff it home.  It made for two pretty ugly goals on the evening.

Still, a classy move by Souness to bring Friedel off to a standing ovation, and I felt bad for Yelldell because he looked a bit nervous.  Still big and athletic, though, so he's got the raw talent I suppose.

The shootout made for good watching but it was painfully obvious that neither side had their starters in.  Yelldell looked active trying to make a save (the same cannot be said for D.C.'s backup netminder) and thus atone for his earlier mistake, but in the end he guessed the wrong way the last four shots.  All Rovers (including Emerton, who I'm almost positive took the second kick) slotted their kicks until the keeper made a fine save on Todd's shot and then Nissa drove wide to end it.

A great match, Rovers looked far more comfortable in possession than D.C. and it looks like they're well on their way to being ready for the season to start.

By Philly Rover at 6.19 24 July 2003

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