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SINCE 1996
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Blackpool 1 Blackburn Rovers 2.


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Comments, quotes from those who went to the game.


Reid look a very good players in fact all the new signing looked good.  The only down side to the game was

A lack of pace in the middle of our defence and against better forwards they could be found out.

Yorke and Cole had about 7-8 good channces and missed the lot.  the old saying that cole needs 4-5 chances to score rang true tonight, hope that does not carry on into the season.

team played well jay looked very good at left fullback

midfield play ok so did the forwards the game could have been about 7-3 to rovers but as it was 2-1 to rovers, that  will have to do.  

AS the games go on and some players return the match play should get sharper, however once again the lack of speed and cover in the middle of the back four will have to be sorted, still its nice to have our first win  


You didn't mention Emerton. Absolutely quality. Right midfield, central midfield, he can do both jobs. Mark my words, an absolute star!

A cut above anything we've had on the right hand side, since I can't remember when.

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