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SINCE 1996
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Wigan 1 Blackburn 0 Updated 6pm.


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Miserable performance from Rovers. Wigan kick off their season next week, and it showed. They were quicker to everything, and wanted it more.

For rovers, there weren't many plus points. Amoruso did ok, he was strong and used the ball really well. Still not sure about his defensive abilities yet, wont find that out until the season begins.

Emerton was ok also. Didn't shine like he did at Blockpool, but it was difficult to shine through that.

Like wise Reid, strong runner, and had rovers only chance of any note all afternoon. Surged down the right, only to be kept out by a brilliant stop from wigan's keeper.

The minuses, Cole and Yorke. Nothing stuck at all, and they couldn't create one decent opportunity between them.

Matty played the second half alongside Gallagher. Gally did fairly well, but looks a little short physically yet. Matty is still that bit short at the minute. Doesn't have that spark about him, but that probably, is unfair on the lad at this stage. It's too early for Matt yet.

Match Report by den

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