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SINCE 1996
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An Audience with John Williams


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In his first article “inside ewood” for the 1997-98 season Paul Agnew  introduced Blackburn’s major summer signing in the match day programme,Rovers v Derby 9th August 1997. From which I have taken the following statement from Blackburns first Chief Executive.Mr John Williams.

"I am from a working class background, like most folk in this country, and I know the passion that exists around football. I see Blackburn Rovers as a community club and we should never loose sight of that. I heard recently that only two per cent of Manchester United fans world wide have ever seen a game at Old Trafford, I daresay 98 per cent of Rovers fans have watched football here at Ewood Park.

How we treat those people, our customers, is critical to the clubs success. Those supporters have our wages in their pockets. We must ensure they are happy, not just with the results but on how they are treated at the ticket office, on the phone, when they have a problem and so on."

Seven years on, John Williams doesn’t appear not to have forgotten his roots or the passion that football stirs in the community and he still has the attitude that the club must communicate with the supporters, which can be seen by his willingness to subject himself to a question and answer debate with members of this web site.

During his reign as Chief Executive, major influences have affected the club, relegation, promotion, managerial changes, star player transfers, television coverage, attendances, etc, all of which have been discussed at length on the message board forum. Now thanks to Mr Williams brfcs members have the opportunity to submit some of those questions to the club.

For more information Questions to John Williams

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