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Presentation to the Genclerbirligi Fans.


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Before the kick off of last nights UEFA Cup game, between Blackburn Rovers and Genclerbirligi, BRFCS.com made a presentation to the visiting Genclerbirligi fans on the pitch at Ewood Park.

The presentation on behalf of the site www.brfcs.biz.com was made by Matthew, the son of one of the sites administrators. Paul.

It is an engraved piece of curved glass:

Genclerbirligi Supporters Club

True Football Fans

BRFCS.com Blackburn

15th October 2003

Prior to the game members of supporters web sites  from Blackburn and Genclerbirligi had got together for a social event, firstly with a 7 aside game at Blackburn’s training ground and then for refreshments in the Blues Bar at Ewood Park.

For the record, Blackburn supporters avenged their defeat in Turkey.

BRFCS  5 - Gencel 3 making the aggregate 7-7.

This site would like to thank Blackburn’s Chief Executive John Williams, Tom Finn, and everyone at Blackburn Rovers for helping to make this event so successful.

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Posted by Paul

There's a little story to this which for me speaks volumes about our club and it's attitude to the fans.

At 7.30pm Tom Finn was waiting in the JW reception for me and the boys. He knew all about what was happening. We chatted while we waited for Glenn and the Gencel fans. Tom apologised because he couldn't stay with us for the presentation. We saw Dunny arriving who stopped for a few words in reception and as we walked through the changing area Glenn almost tripped over Matt Jansen!  We met Neil from PAPR and the TV presenter (sorry can't think of his name right now) who were very helpful. Myself, Glenn, my sons and assorted Gencle fans were able to just mill around in the tunnel for around 20-25 minutes. When we were in the way the tunnel hostess was very polite in asking us to move as they players were coming off the pitch!

It just underlines for me what a fantastic club we have in Blackburn. I don't believe any other club in the country would accommodate a group of fans in this way for 40 minutes before kick off in any game let alone a European match. We really underestimate how lucky we are to have people like John Williams and Tom Finn running our club.

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Posted by Tris

I could not agree more.

Huge credit also goes to you guys (Paul, Glenn and SteB) for getting the fans game organised, and to JPW for driving everyone everywhere (even Burnley), putting the Gencler fans up, cooking them breakfast and captaining the side.

It's been well documented on here before what a great team we have in charge of the club.  It was demonstrated again here.

To elaborate - Rovers put on a coach to bring the Turkish lads to Brockhall from Manchester, they provided a fantastic pitch for us at the academy, all set up for a reduced numbers game, a ref (one of the academy lads - will find out who so we can thank him), full (brilliant) changing facilities, and John Williams himself turned up to see the fans game,

One of the coaches even patched up my knee in the treatment room after the game.

Personally the already pretty good dream became surreal when Jacko got to the Fernhurst and said my goal was on Northwest Tonight.  It was already amazing to have been shown the academy facilities, play there in the blue and white, and score.  To then have the goal on the BBC was like not quite real.  Needless to say it's on tape somewhere and will be kept for the rest of my life.

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