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Arsenal 1 Rovers 0


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A large proportion of supporters will have watched todays game from the comfort of their homes, or in some ale house this afternoon. Those supporters will have made up their own opinions of the game but it's allways good to get the views from those who were there.

Report posted by Neil Weaver.

Back from the game so here's a few views untainted by Sky, radio etc.

Haven't seen any stats, but we seemed to have the majority of possession.  However, didn't really create many chances.

Couldn't really see what was wrong with Babbel's header but it was at the far post and I was sitting near the corner flag.  Trific save from their keeper, Fergy and Yorke would have pounced if Lehmann hadn't have somehow managed to keep hold.  And the one that went over the bar - was it Yorke? - it seemed to be ricocheting around and it was just an instinctive shot towards goal.  With a bit of luck it would have been under the bar.

So, yes we could have had a draw, but Arsenal were always handy on the break - and most of their attacks were breakaways - and could have had one or two more themselves.  Draw would have been about right on the balance of play, but Brad had to rescue us a few times so no great complaints.  

Quick chat with a Gunner queueing for the tube afterwards and he wouldn't have had any complaint with a draw.

Decent team performance though and carry on playing like that and we'll win a damned sight more than we lose.  Hope that doesn't sound too much like Souey!

Editors Thanks to Neil

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