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Sepp Blatter to Reduce League...


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Ever increasing admission prices, fixture changes, lack of terrestrial television coverage, and corporate hospitality, is slowly eroding the traditional working class supporter’s love of the game.

Once more the average football supporter is the last one to be considered. FIFA president Sepp Blatter now what’s to reduce the Premiership to 18 teams and eventually 16 teams and wants the traditional cup replays scrapped. Why, and for what motive, so that there are no more that 46 dates for domestic games and so that players don’t play more than 60 games. So what are the proposals for the remaining 14 games / dates, could it be for pointless tournaments, international friendlies that would boost the bank balance of FIFA, certainly not the bank balances of the clubs that pay the players wages.

For many a supporter, who budgets each week, football is the only escapism from the stresses of the working environment. How many of the domestic football supporters are bothered about or can afford to watch the Whitewash Football Tournament in Costa Plenty, be it live or on pay per view television.

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