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FA Youth Cup ?1st Leg.


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Blackburn's youth team take on Aston Villa at Villa Park in the first leg of the FA Youth Cup Semi Final. TONIGHT.....

kick off 7pm.



Drench, Peers, Andy Taylor, Luke Jones, Barr, Weaver, Peter, Stopforth, Walsh, Barker, Byrom.

Subs . Hodge, Zak Jones, Reid, Welch, Garner.

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Despite going two goals down within 15 minutes, and having a man sent off in the second half, a valliant display by Rovers academy player kept the this tie alive for the return second leg at Ewood in a fortnights time.

Rovers went a goal down with the first 10 minutes when left back Taylor cleared off the line, only for Villa to score from the clearance. Within a further five minutes when the stronger Villa team muscled their way though from a corner.

With the referee handing out yellow cards like there was no tomorrow it was inevitable that someone would get sent off, and unfortunately it was Blackburn's Peter, who got his second yellow for a clumsy tackle from behind.

However despite going two down and playing with ten for most of the second half the Rovers players, didnt drop their heads and responded with a spirited display.

Ist Leg Final Score Villa 2 Rovers 1.

Editorial Comment.

There haven’t been many games this season, where I could have reported that although the team lost, they made a fight of it and didn’t drop their heads. Well I would suggest that Graeme Souness gets the senior team sat around to watch a video of tonight’s FA Youth Cup game, where the academy players wore the blue and white halves with pride.

Villa a much more robust team went ahead early on through to corners, when they hussled and bustled a less experience and light weight Rovers defence.

In fairness to Villa they weren’t a dirty side but they had been schooled in the fine art of backing, and leaning into opposition players, resulting in the less experienced Rovers player getting booked by the card happy referee.

That being said Peter’s rash challenge from behind warranted a yellow card.

Having seen the team twice now there are some promising players, whether they develop further, we will have to see. What I would say is though is that these lads are prepared to fight for the honour of wearing the shirt, which in fairness is what the supporters expect from all Rover’s player. Based on tonight’s performance, despite the defeat there is evidence of some good players emerging from the academy.

Whilst Drench controls his area and has good positioning, his lack of height is detrimental. Peter playing on the left wing tonight gave the Villa some problems with his turn of speed and Taylor has, wait for it, “a sweet left foot” and could be our future left back. Barr at the centre of the defence was commanding and despite his height won most aerial battles.

That said it’s unfair on the other players to single out specific players, as they all played their part in keeping this tie alive, making the return leg at Ewood Park a tasty prospect.

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