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Fulham 3 Rovers 4


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After last nights 4-3 win against Fulham, Rovers manager Graeme Souness called on the players to continue with the battling qualities to ensure Premiership survival.

Speaking to Sky Sport Souness stated. “They players have found themselves in a testing situation - some have been in that before and some haven’t,”

“We have had a go in all the games bar two this season and tonight on a difficult pitch we rolled our sleeves up and had a go. I thought we deserved to win. “We started as a nervous team, when we could have got the ball down and played it, we still lumped it forward.

“Our training is all about playing the game properly and in the second half we started to get it down and make better passes. “If we do that in our next five games, we will have a real chance of staying up. “It has been a difficult season. Our fans have not enjoyed it and we have not entertained them. But if they multiply it several times, that is how we feel. “Our cause is all about survival and if that means playing the way we did at times tonight, than so be it.”

Souness went on to say “We blew it against Leeds on Saturday by not concentrating at the start and giving them a goal then chasing the game,” “We have to make sure we do not do that against Leicester.

We have to show battling performances and try to play football.”

Although Souness was happy with the result, he wasn’t happy that the match officials had missed an alleged head butt, on Jon Stead by Fulham defender Knight, stating. “The referee says he did not see it, nor did the fourth official and the linesmen, so we have to run with it

Stead also referring briefly to the incident in the 12th minute when Knight appeared to head butt him, but Stead was more interested to stating “We knew that we were still in the game at half-time and all the lads worked hard,” “We put in 100% and that’s what we have to do until the end of the season.”

Stead went on to say that he’s learning a lot from his strike partner Andy Cole, “It is a great help to watch these players. They have been there and done it and we are getting there now, “We are linking up nicely and starting to understand each other - we are getting better all the time.”

Meanwhile Andy Cole giving a rare interview to Sky Sport, is targeting two wins to keep Rovers up. Stating “It was a big game tonight and we deserved it,” “We have not had much luck this season, but we got a bit tonight and all the lads are delighted. “We want a couple more wins as quickly as possible.”

Editors comments.

Listening to Radio commentary, and the tv news coverage. I must say our supporters who made the trip to Loftus Road did us proud.

Take a bow

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match report by Jan

Well, WHAT a game that was. To be truthful, unlike the turgid dross we've

been served up recently- most of which had me shaking my watch in disbelief

that there was THAT much time left, this simply flew past. One minute the

game had started, then suddenly 3 goals had been scored and the whistle went

for half time!! Then, after some paedophile-satisfying half-time

"entertainment" we were off again. 4 more goals happened in a minute, and

then we got to those 3 minutes of extra time and suddenly we went into a

time-warp (As ever)

To go back, the first half saw three goals- two of which were scored by

Rovers- one unfortunately in the wrong end! The first goal, and I hope

everyone is sitting down for this, came from and inch-perfect FORWARD pass

from Tugay to Andy Cole. You may know the kind of thing (well if you follow

Rovers too often you won't) but more often than not it's the pass that Andy

Cole has been screaming for, but ends up with a tame pass-back to Brad.

This time Tugs did what Mr Cole wanted, the pass caught Andy Cole ACTUALLY

FACING THE GOAL (which most decent passes he's requested this season but

never got would have done) and BANG-it was in the net. I had the

displeasure of sitting in front of the"young team" today and that was the

cue for them- who were already most drunk and obnoxious, to get even more

so. They're young, they'll learn, I thought- and as if on cue- they did.

Collins John (who???) popped up to score an almighty scramble after a free

kick was given away. Cue depression- here we go, I thought. I was right.

Just before half time- seconds before, just as we were all saying keep it up

to half time, a cross (or might have been a free kick- I was too nervous to

notice) came in, and Gresko kicked the ball into our net. Oh ****, I

thought, as the announcer gave the goal to John again. (I was at most 15

feet from it directly behind the goal, and I saw Gresko's foot hit the

ball). However, everyone was trying their little- really unpleasant

bee-imitating socks off. I can't fault anyone's effort- Emerton wasn't on

the pitch which always helps in the trying department. We were singing

"flitty is a winger"- he was certainly better and more committed than

Emerton- more of whom LATER.

Half time saw a crowd of pre-pubescent females half-naked in the middle of

the pitch doing something which purported to be dancing. I'll agree this

sort of rubbish is entertainment only when they produce half-naked men doing

the same thing. Going to happen? Thought not.

The second half started better. Rovers were shooting towards us. It seemed

they liked being near us, as they spent quite a lot of time at our end. We

LIKED that. Someone- either Neill or Flitty (thanks the ignorant bloke who

insisted on standing throughout the match) I couldn't tell which- put over a

peach of a cross and Jonathon Douglas suddenly showed he CAN finish. BANG-

it was in the back of the net!! 2-2- yippee- BUT one of the young team

behind me decided to take his shirt off. This was a most distressing sight.

Not only was he ginger, but had "typically Scottish" colouring- ie has was

very, very white indeed. it was a good job I'd already eaten as that would

CERTAINLY have put me off my dinner. No respite was at hand. We got given

a free kick- we actually got a number of them tonight- and Amoruso shaped to

take it. Having seen the one in the first half which was lightning fast and

just over the bar, my friend Laura and I worked out that we were right in

the line of fire, and started to duck. Imagine our surprise (and delight)

when the ball went into the net. We'd got a free kick. We'd scored from a

free kick. Amoruso had done it. (To be fair that WAS his talent at Rangers-

defending wasn't) We were in the lead again, so more shirts came off. It

wasn't big and it wasn't clever and they started running down to the front

of our section to get on telly. Note to boys- only do that if you have

SOMETHING worth showing. Otherwise cover up.

Back to the match. It was end to end stuff. Both defences were poor and to

be truthful we still looked nervous. Most of the 50:50 balls went to them.

Such is the way of things when you're down there. Just as we were shouting

to Lucas Neill to "defend and get the ball off Boa Morte", Boa Morte was

past him and bearing down on Brad. It was the wrong end for us, so I didn't

see where the central defenders were, but "not protecting Brad" seems to be

the answer- again I reiterate it was a long way away! Boa Morte scored.

I think at that moment, the whole, sorry season flashed in front of my eyes.

SURELY it couldn't be happening again.

It didn't!!! Up stepped Jonny Stead and rifled home a shot from another

forward pass (see I knew the strikers could score if they ever got decent


Even at the last, however, we COULD have lost it. It was clear to all of

those who were sane (everyone but THAT MAN) that Jon Stead had simply run

himself into the ground with about 10 minutes to go. To be fair, someone on

the bench noticed this, and Gallacher got his kit on ready to replace him.

At that point, the "Ray Harford book of stupid substitutions" was brought

out. Instead of doing the sensible, wassock decided to take Cole (who

seemed ok) off and put Emerton on. Now, along with most of you, I was quite

pleased when we bought Emerton. Not now. He's lazy, and just hasn't the

heart for English football. In the last minutes when it was all hands on

deck, he- the freshest player on the pitch, lost the ball. Did he A chase

back desperately to try to make amends as the others had been doing all

night, or B stop and look petulant? Guess what, it was B. Keep him off

the pitch until he learns the meaning of effort. Some time later- it seemed

about 10 minutes but I think it may have been less- time was by now

dragging- the sensible substitution was made. And then it was all over. I

just don't know what he was thinking. It could have been the worst

substitution of all time. Fortunately it wasn't and we won. 3 more points.

Thank GOD.

A few words on players:

Jonny Stead: We'll have Souness' second choice every time if he's like Jon

Stead. He was magnificent. He ran all over the pitch, ran himself into the

ground indeed. He's going to be a star.

Flitty- Whoever said he doesn't play a captain's part should be shot. He

was everywhere. Had to play as the right winger, and played better there

than all those wastes of money- sorry "shrewd investments" have done in the

past few games.

Tugay- I don't normally like this guy, but tonight he was IMMENSE. Again

he chased all over and was just determined we weren't going to lose or draw.

At the end he sank onto the pitch and couldn't get up. The effort to end

all efforts. wonderful

Cole- our best player this season without a shadow of a doubt. His

work-rate and positioning have been magnificent- even when his team mates

have been obviously incapable of supplying the passes he's recommended, he's

still managed to get goals.

Just a little more hopeful now that we can stay up

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