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After weeks of turmoil, when we were unsure of the future of this site, I am pleased to say thanks to donations from visitors to the site and the hard work of Glenn, Paul and SteB, the future of the site looks a lot brighter and normal service has resumed.

As you may be aware, this site became a victim of its own success. Due to our bandwidth and hit count it affected the server. Resulting in a slower service, which eventually caused the site to crash as our hosts weren’t able to provide the full-required bandwidth. That said our technical staff managed somehow to keep the site operational, throughout the summer, although not to the standard that we had aspired to.

With the help of donations from members of the site, and negotiations by our admin staff, we have managed to get back to providing a full service and hopefully provide additional services. However, I would remind everyone that this site is funded almost entirely by donations from visitors to the site, it is run as a non-profit making venture and none of the administrators or moderators are paid. As the site gets more popular and busier each day our bill for the bandwidth grows, so we cannot be complacent regarding the need for your donations.

We have no plans to make the site a subscription based service, but without regular injections of cash from our visitors the site would soon cease to exist. We would therefore thank everyone, no matter how small their contribution was to saving the site and their anticipated support in the future.

We would ask that you visit our sponsors, for in most cases when you purchase something after clicking on one of our advertisers adverts the site receives a small percentage of the cost of your purchase.

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