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 Alex Rover

West Ham Away

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What was all that about? I guess it was nerves but we hardly had a shot on goal. How bad is Richard Witschge? I can't see he'll get picked again, send him back!

There's really much to say about the match, I think we should just forget about it and carry on.

Blimey, after getting abuse from the "happy hammers" for most of the match, afterwards in the pub (I love being 18 now) they were all patting us on the back saying "I hope you beat the Mancs". "Well you might be able to help us out with that one guys, you've got them last match" we replied. "Don't worry we've got them at Upton we won't lose" they said. I didn't feel any better.

It was a long journey back on the official coach but heard on Radio 1's top 40 that Oasis' Some Might Say was straight in at number 1. Maybe it's not so bad I after all.

Come on you Blues.

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