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  1. Here you go, Preston to Rochdale. https://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk/shows/great-british-railway-journeys/watch-online/6163224147001
  2. They must have started to panic when Wigan went top of the Form Guides (last 10 matches LDDWWWDWWW). https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/wigan-athletic/form-guide/ten
  3. For a layman (me) is there any reason (financially?) that someone would take over a business with the intention to immediately declare administration?
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/may/28/pills-mills-and-bellyaches-how-blackburn-out-partied-manchester?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR1bIZGAlZvqMaEEyQU4Ra-B3PIN1p1yfO-a_L6fMc5CuM0pzXbkWpW3Eog
  5. https://mixmag.net/read/online-archive-blackburn-acid-house-rave-scene-news
  6. **Just my opinion as I have little knowledge of this but is the below about right?** Although it doesn’t necessarily matter about your profit and loss from year to year I suppose, it’s your total debt that is the issue. Once that spirals (like Portsmouth/Bolton) and your benefactor/directors no longer want to plug the losses, then its administration time. If you have saleable assets (stadium, training ground, academy etc) then you’ll get a buyer because there’s something concrete to secure your purchase against and take the debt on. This happened with Bolton initially a few
  7. The 92 League clubs ranked in order of profitability Accounts for the 2018-19 season show 52 of the 72 EFL clubs losing money. 2017-18 Net profit and loss 1 Tottenham £113m 2 Liverpool £106m 3 Chelsea £62m 4 Arsenal £57m 5 Burnley £37m 6 Southampton £29m 7 Newcastle £19m 8 Hull £19m 9 West Ham £17m 10 Norwich £15m 11 Barnsley £13m 12 Huddersfield £11m 13 Brighton £11m 14 Manchester City £10m 15 Exeter £2.4m 16 Leicester £1m 17 Preston £1m 18 Port Vale £1m 19 Stevenage £0.8m 20 Luton £0.6m 21 Peterborough £0.5m 22 Forest Green £0.4m 23 Accrington £0.4m 24 Fleetwood
  8. Just keep in mind that if venkys pull out of the Rovers with the debt they are covering, we could be next.
  9. One of the Holy Trinity, with Dunny and Duffy http://www.polarispublishing.com/book/matt_jansen What do you do when the world is at your feet . . . and then suddenly it isn’t? Matt Jansen had it all. He was young, quick, audaciously skilful and, at the turn of the millennium, regarded as one of the most intelligent attacking talents in English football. His potential seemed boundless. After bursting onto the scene with Carlisle in 1997 and helping his hometown club win promotion, Sir Alex Ferguson had tried to lure him to Old Trafford – but foreseeing only a bench spot at
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