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  1. In my new job I'm working alongside addicts, both alcohol and drugs, I'm only a few days into it but the training courses were very enlightening.
  2. DeeCee

    Rocket ship

    The one at the bottom left of the avatar
  3. DeeCee

    Rocket ship

    What does it mean/is it for please?
  4. Can't see the problem tbh, just like television ads, I just ignore/blank them out 👍
  5. Don't like the collar or non reversed back but a genuinely decent effort. Tbh though I prefer the concept kit that Fudge Dread posted earlier.
  6. Levy will be taking him up there as we speak 😁
  7. Heard this morning that he'd been with a hooker but she was 15, they tried to blackmail him for £1m but he refused. Looking at 4 years and out of Everton. Obviously no idea whether this is true or not.
  8. Your right, wrong thread, my point still stands though.
  9. Tbh after the initial wave of people who have missed being at Ewood for matches and the probable poor early season results, I think 10k would be optimistic.
  10. I'm still wearing a mask and trying to keep distance between "strangers" no doubt there will be a spike shortly down here, Newquay yesterday....... Absolutely crazy 👎
  11. Yup, that's the way I feel, as well as feeling guilty for the negative thoughts, fuck the Vs and the Coventrio 😪
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