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  1. Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun (we had Burnley on the run 😁)
  2. Yes! I was there, think the tickets were £3, if I remember rightly (?) 31st May 1973
  3. That was my initial thought but atm looks like Moyes is well in there for at least 2 seasons. Punditry? House husband?
  4. My question is, where does Lampard go from here?
  5. I've still got one of Rick s drumsticks (well my son has now as it's in the ex wife's house)
  6. Bowie, Hawkind, Damned, Status Quo, hell, I even saw Queen as support to Mott The Hoople 😁
  7. . 😁 Yeah got you,👍 it was the first bit I was referring to.
  8. Hardly a convincing reason to think he's going after this game though is it, Holtby lives in Germany........
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