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  1. Easy solution I've posted before. People who want can still attend, just buy a match ticket but don't buy a season ticket. If there are no season tickets sold by the time the season starts, surely that's the most powerful message?
  2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - O'Malley's Bar Love this album
  3. That's what the terraces will be like during a game at Christmas when we're nailed on for relegation, points adrift at the bottom of the table.
  4. He's building his reputation as a manager.
  5. I was paraphrasing (if that's the right term) 👍
  6. According to RS on Twitter this morning Mowbray had contact with Venkys and he's staying as they've got lower expectations after last season, ffs
  7. If SG was played as a 9 with half decent service I reckon he'd bag 15 goals a season, not brilliant but certainly an improvement from playing him as a "wide forward" but I haven't got Mowbray years of experience 🤌
  8. By the time he's a good manager, FL will be above us, sad to say, or not depending on your pov
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