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  1. Ah I see what you did there. Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown
  2. Weren't the called the High Numbers then? Van Halen - I'm The One
  3. Fuck off Jimmy Hill and take your massive fucking chin with you. Twat.
  4. The guy spunked 12 million on Diaz and Gallagher. If that isn't lavish then I don't know what is.
  5. He's not getting much slack because he came out with a load of bollocks when he first arrived. Basically parroting the bullshit line that JDT was moaning. But he wasn't moaning, the squad was weak as piss and was weakened further still at every opportunity. As I said when he arrived, this is a win win for Eustace. If he does anything well then he's a miracle worker, if he does shit then everyone with half a braincell knows that it's 100% down to the owners. I think it's hard to really judge him at the moment, this squad is the shittest I've ever seen and if it weren't for Sammie being an absolute legend week in week out we'd be bottom by a long way. Bear in mind that before we started getting shit loads of injuries JDT had us in the top six. Key players out and absolutely nothing to replace them with. We haven’t signed an actual goalscorer since Armstrong was sold. That was over three years ago. We've lucked out with others stepping up but this season the years and years and years of zero investment and dog shit management have really started to bear fruit. I am predicting now that we'll be relegated next season, regardless of what division we're in.
  6. TM? He failed the last time we were in this situation.
  7. We'll get proper bummed here. Our squad is shit. Feel for Sammie, he deserves so much more than to be dragged down with this shower of shite. Fuck off venkys and fuck off even more to any cretin that supports them in any way.
  8. Here's my prediction for next year. We will be relegated. Regardless of what division we're in.
  9. A lot of JDT style football played in that game. Not sure where it's been for any of the other games. In the six games he's had we should have won three of them at least. All poor teams. Not good enough. No excuses.
  10. The squad is fucking shit. The worst squad I've ever seen in my life. JDT made no bones about how bad the squad is and bear in mind he had three transfer windows deliberately sabotaged. A bunch of stupid cunts out there kept complaining about him 'moaning' when he was just stating the bare facts. This new Mon has completely set himself up to fail with this no excuses bollocks and banging on about or squad being good enough. No it fucking isn't. League two here we come.
  11. I would just like to say that I predicted exactly this at the start of the season.
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