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  1. Let's face it, over the last ten years we have lost 10000 fans. Some of those will never be back. Others are in a war of attraction with the owners and have walked away in protest. Then there are the ones who are only interested in watching us if we're in the Premier League. To get the supporters back in the ground there needs to be some incentive both on and off the pitch. £30+ for a second division match is the exact opposite of that.
  2. Weren’t we getting 18000 a week when we were in the first division (99-00)? The price of the tickets is an absolute disgrace. It should be £20 and no more. We should be getting a near full house for big games like this.
  3. Maybe wait until the end of the season before jumping up and down about getting the manager sacked. Whatever he's been doing recently he's been doing it right. Long may it continue.
  4. As with most of our neighbours, jealousy is a cruel mistress.
  5. To be fair a lot of fans are staying away from Rovers deliberately in protest. A lot of them would still be going regularly, maybe even season ticket holders, under different circumstances. Unlike suuupoh Bonleh I can't remember any Rovers fans claiming to be the best fans in the world.
  6. I think we lack some experience on the pitch to be fair. It's great having the young players but sometimes you need a couple of older heads to keep things steady when we're under the cosh. That's what we had with Souness and it was a recipe for success. That said Mowbray should have sorted it out against Fulham so that we didn't get completely bummed like that at home.
  7. We're powerful in attack. I just think that we lack a bit of experience in the squad to carry us through sometimes. Hopefully we just completely overwhelm them and hand them a spanking.
  8. I haven't been there in ten years but from what I've seen and heard the state of Ewood is an absolute disgrace. Do you guys bail them up about that at these meetings? The stadium needs to be maintained properly. If there is cracks in the concrete etc then this needs rectifying immediately. If moisture gets into the steel then it will corrode and will become a disaster waiting to happen. We don't want Ewood to become the next Heysel
  9. The late 60s shirts really are quite special. I also have got a lot of love for these two as well
  10. Not to me it isn't. It's everything.
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