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  1. Yep although there's non doubt of its impact its happened to everyone. Yet Swaggo and TM have done their level best this week to land everything at its door including assets they haven't tied down since before it began. They are the luckiest pair in the league the excuses come on a plate here to give them license to totally detached themselves from any part of it whatsoever. Luck runs out eventually though, for everybody.
  2. We need a proper board of directors working with nothing but the club, team and fans put first. All we've had since the last real one is agents, agents friends, owners friends and brief part time yes men. A major major reason why we've never gone anywhere. Now with this fella we just have a guy who works for the manager and looks to try and impress the owners to justify himself. It's all a complete load of nonsense you need at least one person in there whose local, knows how things tick and has enough gonads to stand up and speak. To be fair to this guy he is just doing his job it's just a balance sheet and a wage to him. Anything beyond keeping the lights on and keeping his pal in situ doesn't really matter. The whole club missed a massive trick to try and bounce forwards after promotion, the signs were there but they took their foot off the gas. What was created was a nice comfort zone for the trio etc and now we are all stuck in it whilst they continue to wing it.
  3. I've no doubt in my mind if the owners are backing this it's because they are happy to be cancelling out the Walker legacy.
  4. That would hardly be a worthwhile exercise but i wouldn't rule it out. It gives them a ticket to move to some shoddy brownfield site somewhere in the boundaries.
  5. That it's going to carry on and on whilst they are all here until something finally goes bang.
  6. Yes they'd love nothing more than a Prem chocked with big city clubs with 30k= sell outs every game. And a championship full of clubs getting 20k with the potential of 30+ should they go up. The rest can slide away to oblivion, it's all about the media and sponsorship paymasters and agents.
  7. It's a scheme hatched by him here there is absolutely no doubt but it must be receiving some support from within the club. That's both disappointing and worrying.
  8. Because this slug and his pals are now trying to sell another evolution plan to the ownership. It'll be in his new sales pitch and he can give it the old we need three or four years to see it through. They won't see through it.
  9. Mowbray runs the football ops Waggot does as he's told that much is obvious. Aside from that with nobody else telling him what to do other than the finance people he doesn't appear to have a clue. A down grader whop only knows one thing and that is to put the squeeze on everything and push it as far as he can regardless of who it upsets.
  10. Oh yes there's no chance of it happening it makes for too much sense and ticks too many boxes. Option B suits these lazy barstewards and the police better. 30 odd quid a ticket, hardly any walk ons and probably less of them lot than normal. verdict 15/16k with a third of them away fans, easy day for all at the club and the OB.
  11. Price the Preston game sensibly and aim to get 15k home fans on. Plus their rabble on their annual get out of South Ribble day pass. Aim for 21k+ and get a few back in for a local derby. Then hopefully the team shows up and it helps re-engage a few more, these are the games for this approach. Just make it £20 in all areas outside of JW center/upper and get the BBE and Riverside full up again.
  12. He isn't a leader he isn't ambitious and he has no real clout he is just CEO in name and wages, a box ticker. That's why virtually every answer starts with an excuse or spin he's only getting wheeled out once every 6 months now to gloss things over. There is a negative almost can't be arsed air to it all it's no wonder the whole club is as blaise as it seems, everything comes from the top. All he's done there is passed the buck to his heads of depts, where does he think he's working Canary Wharf ?
  13. Didn't know that he'd been ill or anything although it's a few years since i saw him. Bad news i hope he comes through ok he's a good bloke.
  14. We've tried to make it affordable to everybody then in the next breathe we price individual games according to away fanbase. So yes FU if you don't or can't commit.
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