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  1. It would end with him playing wide striker.
  2. This season might have been all about project Arma. Get him starting every game good or bad and set up to try and showcase him and get the best out of him. 20 goals says its worked in that regard but not sure it has for the team as a whole. Now he's getting ripe for selling with only a year left and if we get near some of the figures banded about a lot inside Ewood will be happy. They might even set up to try and get the best out of Gallagher next season or Brereton. Although more likely be project Travis and see what figures get banded about for him. All part and parcel of the
  3. He wouldn't have played 90 mins of every game if he'd come here to join the tombola squad, even if he was a worldie.
  4. Mowbray should have had this kind of kick up the arse months ago, then we might have seen a bit more of the urgency and tempo there was yesterday. Because it's rarely evident in his normal tactics.
  5. The Ayala signing was a bit of a desperate one imo, god knows what wages they've gone and thrown at him. Crazy on the back of the aggro with Mulgrews contract still weighing the club down. If old Tone and the boys have gone rogue he should be fired tomorrow. Most likely though just another misguided signing set up by the old boys network.
  6. He needs to find another club to support them seeing as Rovers have never been any different on that score.
  7. The tombola worked for the first time in about 8 games i think is the general feeling. We did look better without Armstrong today there's an element of the old Rhodes argument there maybe. Although we've looked better without Gallagher in the side at times as well. Take all the bickering away and everyone should agree the manager rarely sets a side out with any balance. Players and a set up that actually compliment each other, when he does we tend to get a good result. It still took poor opposition today but that accounts for half the sides in the division. It is as plain and si
  8. Only an element of modern day Rovers lurking on social media can turn one win after losing 6 out of 7 into a pissing contest in favour of a manager. He's got better PR on the go than Kean i'll give him that.
  9. Next season will be just the same so we'd better just dig in ! For the 'clappers' we know this club has more than most you can see that from games like Oxford and when Liverpool come to town. Feck em leave em to it they've not had an outing on social media in any number for over a month.
  10. About bloody time, good win and performance. Notable differences with the tactics, the kind you need if you want to progress. Realistically one win in 8 is dire and if they can come up with that when it's backs to the wall then why not when there is something to play for ? Much needed 3 points but you can't kid a kidder, big picture nothing changes.
  11. Movement !!! That's the key especially up front, not just this pass sideways and stand there waiting for it back. Where are these first halves normally though ??? Probably because we've finally landed on a team who isn't up for it or expected an easy day.
  12. It'll only be England in a bit if a few either side get their way.
  13. Even Wilcox could bang the odd one on target ! Crazy really when we have talent like Dack in the team and even Downing in the squad. I remember him scoring a few free kicks, one against us in smog land. Comes back again to need a manager who can squeeze every drop out of his squad if you want promotion. Versus one who thinks he can get a championship team cobbled together playing like 1980's Liverpool. Fools errand !
  14. Free kicks and indeed any set piece are totally pointless to this team. I think we are back to days of just 5 asides and short passing drills in trainlng as they clearly work on nothing else.
  15. He's one of the luckiest managers in football yet he doesn't seem to realize it. For the past few years he's literally been allowed to play around with the team under no pressure and surround himself with his mates. Sign his ex clubs cast offs and doff contracts out left right and center because he feels like being nice to players who contribute nothing here but need to continue their careers elsewhere. Unbelievable really and this whilst just treading water at championship level with a 15 million pound forward line. How many times as he told us the time to judge is x,y,z yet when t
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