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  1. He came with the recommendations he knew the lower leagues in the search for bargains to polish. There ain't been any so just the same as GB he failed on that score.
  2. We'll respect the Jack Walker legacy. We'll return the club to what it was pre Jack would have been a more honest promise !
  3. Leonard isn't going to make it at this level let alone in a struggling side but he'll always be a handy cheap squad man chipping in with the odd goal here and there. We need SIGN a good striker, preferably two, non of this make do with what we have fantasy stuff no matter who in the squad is paired up once Szmods is gone.
  4. I'd say booing off at half time 0-0 is the real issue for concern with some of our lot.
  5. Personally i enjoyed the stick given out to Trippier in the Newcastle game and it put him right off his game as well which added to the entertainment. Ewood often isn't very intimidating these days so every little helps although i certainly wouldn't sniff at signing a player like him but any tinpot dingles that have flopped elsewhere no thanks.
  6. Seems like he was a punt on a rated young player who's Nigerian i suppose a bit like clubs trying to nab Ash Phillips before he signed a contract here. So not really a similar scenario but agree i'm sure Szmods would love it but i just can't see them looking at him at anywhere near 15 mill it's just agent tittle tattle imo put out there to start the ball rolling.
  7. Turkish Super League winners looking at English 2 nd tier forward ? Hmmm...
  8. Agents trying to get the ball rolling i doubt if Gala have even heard of him unless Tugay is trying to make a few quid.
  9. An undisclosed fee of around 10 mill plus a few add ons i reckon.
  10. I was on about Nixon but yeah can apply similar comparisons to Gally.
  11. There was a rumour recently that Benson was gone ?
  12. Strike rate of 1 in 50 at best and the other 49 are always edged either way by him yet he still has his groupies.
  13. Right result this time but 2 scores a bit wide, never mind though that's 2 nil Jack !!! Bob Arum is boxings Joe Biden the only guy more cringeworthy than him is Fury's fat old man and his fake act hardman act. In the bin the pair of you
  14. Other fans will be saying that about Eustace here !
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