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  1. Main issue with him for most was the spending of that dosh on one young gamble when we were screaming out for other positions. Many managers would have built a play off challenge on the money spewed on him and Gallagher. I don't believe it was a special pot set aside just for a player like that for one min. It was just money they'd made available after promotion when they got excited again briefly. Mowbray and his gang as is their dumbing down way didn't want to spend it on a promotion tilt. They advised investing in a young player with potential double your money resale value once they'd
  2. It was said many times even the early days of the reign of terror that eventually that is exactly what would happen. It was also said plenty that we'd hit the 3rd div again for the 1st time in many supporters tenures. That box was ticked. In fact the only thing of the original so called doom mongering that hasn't happened yet is admin or bust. Give it time though and i'm convinced they'll get there. One thing that rarely if ever, even by their nuthuggers amongst the dwindling fanbase, has been mentioned is they'll restore us to where they found us. Everything has always pointed to
  3. It's a pointless like you say for the sake of a few quid but it's a box ticking exercise by paper clip shufflers. Have to been seen to be doing something for their wages so this is what they come up with.
  4. Ridiculous comparison as Sunderland is one of a very small handful of clubs in a unique position when it comes to a large hardcore. We had decent gates in league 1 but by no means as good as they should have been. We were winning most weeks, had a good side and got promoted. Yet it was still mostly not much more than the hardcore turning up most weeks. We got 25k home fans on for the last game yet the season after numbers didn't flock back at all it was barely anymore than the league 1 regulars. Are you so far blinkered in your desire to slag fans off you can't see there is a re
  5. You still think Swag is a great guy ? He's effing useless.
  6. He only logs on these days to help us understand...........that he's as opposite as ever.
  7. And there in black and white is the main difference between us having the same number or more fans as other local clubs next season. When hardcore stick with it as they did with Kean/Berg/Appleton/Bowyer then jack it in there are pressing problems that need sorting. Bigger picture it all starts and stops with the owners still of course but short term things could be done to alter the slide.
  8. Don't go all offended on behalf of a fictional character. So you agree it's relative nonsense to hold fans not attending - for their 'myriad of reasons' - accountable for lack of local jobs at the club. Balaji from Pune - who isn't fictional or a character - could quite easily instruct his chocolate teapot of a ceo to find some work for these people who are no longer required on matchday. He could stump up a few extra quid to cover them coming in outside match time instead. They could be tasked with cleaning areas of the stadium inside and out for a few hour shift to replace the
  9. Top and bottom of it is Venkys handing of the club has caused local job losses. Not just within the club itself. That then set in motion an ever decreasing circle of downgrading and shrinking. Nobody to blame but them but it's getting swiveled onto fans again it seems. Expecting fans who are pissed of with what's on offer to shell out 400 quid a year so Zoe from Shad keeps her part time job selling hotdogs is a bit rich, as harsh as it sounds.
  10. They completely missed that trick after the storming league 1 season. Hell even relegation gave them a chance to be proactive and slash prices across the board then get 14k + gates in league 1. They haven't got that kind of boldness in them though and Waggot is on record as his mantra always being squeeze what you have first......second third & fourth as well by the looks of it.
  11. Bolton, PNE and now frigging Blackpool probably having bigger gates than us next season. Embarrassing but not surprising at all, this club is beyond desperate for a new direction. Although in the minds of those running it and some fans we are already on one. The journey from long being Lancashire's biggest club to now one of its smallest is well over halfway complete. Bravo Venkys, Coventrio and associated self serving acts you must be so proud. But hey you're doing all you can so all is fine.
  12. Please let it be this summer. If he has an inkling there's no contract after this one and a lower level club touts him a 3 year deal then you never know. Back in reality though there's more chance of Real Madrid coming in for Steven Pears ! Old Tony will have to be surgically removed from his Ewood comfort zone if the day it's over ever arrives.
  13. Midtable Messiah is where it begins and ends with him although Tombola Tony fits like a glove.
  14. That's what iv'e been saying for years, if you want it and want to show ambition then pay for it ! Here they wanted a young naive coach who could be manipulated and a yes man. After a set of spectacular failures they switched tack to somebody on the scrapheap who'd be grateful enough for the job, then be pliable and a yes man as a result. There are reasons they'll never employ a rated boss and it really is not down to the money.
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