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  1. Haven't posted on this thread in a fair while. My overall perspective remains unchanged. I don't think Mowbray is right for us and we need a new voice in the dressing room. Some of the square pegs stuff is truly mind-blowing. We need ugly, winning personalities like Diouf, Savage or Bellamy more than ever. HOWEVER... I, like many others on here, thought that this season would be a real battle to survive. I couldn't see where goals were coming from and thought injuries would see us too fragile at the back. They still might of course but we are waaaaaaaaaaay above where most of us expected right now. Diaz has been a revelation but Gallagher has also chipped in more handily than anticipated. If we are going to scrape by until the summer with no funds for January then so be it. I still hope that the summer will see Mowbray departing and a hungrier manager with a bit of steel coming in. Major changes are obviously a necessity in terms of players as so many will be off. It makes sense that a new man would be the one to oversee this. Do I think this is what will happen? Of course not; it's Rovers we're talking about! Mowbray to get a new contract and a fresh set of loans on their way...
  2. You may be unaware that "Get behind the lads" was exactly the argument used in the Kean days to justify abusing other fans. It indicates a mind unable to grasp shades of grey, instead latching on to a catchy phrase. You may also be unaware that many people can 'get behind the lads' at Ewood whilst believing Venkys to be the worst owners Rovers have ever had. I and many others here hold a season ticket. We see the falling attendances, we hear the mutterings of the manager, we read the latest examples of poor pricing from the club. We understand where we are and we dare to dream of better. The mess they are apparently saving us from is a mess of their making. If someone pushes you into a pile of s**t then pulls your head up slightly, do you thank them for not letting you choke/drown?
  3. "None of them players no if there..." I choose to ignore 'facts' provided on Twitter by someone that uneducated.
  4. Why do Asda feel the need to move their store around every few days at the minute?! Asked a girl there where the bakery sausage rolls were that used to be in the corner. She looked at me. Then she went and picked up a pack of bread rolls. "No. Sausage rolls. They used to be behind you in the corner there..." She turned round, walked to the empty corner and stared into the cream cake display. I left at that point. Clayton Green Asda it is.
  5. That's very true. Excessive aggression would be upsetting to potential new fans as well and create an atmosphere which might discourage new fans attending. From my work in school, I know that children often get upset when things they know are wrong happen. They are educated all week long that some words are 'bad' and kindness to others is a big deal. They then go to the football at the weekend where grown men shout and scream and use words they know to be 'bad'. Teachers have years of experience checking children's body language and expressions to notice upset and you see it a lot at the game. Anyway, I feel like the thread's wandering off topic so that's enough from me.
  6. Quite the contrary. I am an adult and swearing is part of life. Even so, I generally keep it to a minimum. However, I do have a big issue with swearing in the presence of young children. The idea that civilised adults can't moderate themselves in any way (or are unwilling to) to avoid upsetting children is quite sad.
  7. It is a pity that those fans most boisterous and most likely to sing at every game no matter what, can also be the most obnoxious and chavviest, most likely to sing songs about Nyambe, Samba or whoever else that are VERY iffy. The same is probably true for many clubs but it is demoralising to watch grown men seemingly not understanding racist tropes, using foul language within yards of young children, trying to start fights with Blackpool fans simply because their football team lost and generally behaving like scum. I could never imagine a child of mine going to Ewood. Even where I sit in the Riverside, there's a bloke at the back who regular swears blue murder at every Rovers player who messes up in any way. His son is a young teenager and also uses f, c and whatever else words loudly and unthinkingly in imitation.
  8. While I rate Nyambe, athletically and as a professional, his runs into the box never seem to result in an actual shot. It's always straight to a defender. His injury seemingly forced our attack further inside the pitch and it was far more effective. If we had our hearts into it, Dolan and Poveda could have set up another 2 or 3 goals come the end and we really need some killer instinct. Special mention to Johnson for a proper midfielder's booking! All in all, a decent win after an appallingly boring first half. Reading fans must wonder why they bothered come. They tried to mock us with the library chant, but there were only a few dozen of them to sing it! As others have said, we'll have to 'enjoy' these random wins as nothing will happen until the summer. Life's too short to waste a year being miserable.
  9. The worst standard of writing I have ever experienced from someone above the age of 8. Why would one single person PAY for LT journalism?! Baffling that they want to drive off their last customers (Rovers fans).
  10. We've discussed all the reasons for non-attendance for a decade or even more. Whatever we individually think, this game will be concrete evidence. A poor take-up would prove that money is not the main priority and that things can't improve without ownership changes. Season tickets and match tickets will continue to be high and make us all moan. An extra 2-3k would indicate crowds could return and might force Rovers' hand in next year's pricing. We would think that crowds might shoot right up with cheaper tickets and improved fortunes on the pitch (however unlikely). An extra 5k (we can dream) and all bets are off. The talk of owners and Mowbray would mean little or less. Cheap tickets equals loads more fans and all this talk of Mowbray, Brockhall or Venkys would be redundant. For what it's worth, I see an extra 1-1.5k fans, not really changing anything. Enough that prices have some effect but not that many, proving that our grievances can't be settled without serious change. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. How many of them stopped going under Kean or during the Shaw/Shebby era? All recently lost fans? So let's say Waggott retires but Mowbray stays. We are relegated after a particularly disastrous run. Venkys fail to sack Mowbray. Prices are frozen at current levels by the new guy so we can be 'as competitive as possible' in League 1. The Sunderland/Wigan/ whoever else game is £30 a ticket. Would they all return? I cannot speak for you but I'm not sure everyone feels that Waggott is the one thing keeping them away. I doubt all of the 10k+ lost fans since 2010 know who he is.
  12. It's always hard to come across correctly online but this was really my point. This season is a write-off because Mowbray is still here. We need someone new and we all know that won't happen until at least next summer. A decent LB is all I ask for rather than the 'weak link' players we've had recently.
  13. Just after Lenihan's challenge (we didn't know how bad it was at the time), we were talking about how poor he was and how much he flew out of position to commit some howler. Certainly not captain material. Which player in that 11 was worse than him for their role? We settled on Gallagher and Pickering (before he then scored and generally seemed a bit better than recently). So either 2nd or 3rd worst for the team. Yet he is an un-droppable captain, first name on the team-sheet? To properly improve, we really need to replace this kind of player, not merely the ones who've just left out of contract. Imagine that team with Harwood Bellis next to Ayala, Cunningham at LB and an out-and-out striker like the next Billy Sharp or someone. I honestly believe that team would be in with a chance... We're not a million miles away but we lack the will to make that final push. Let's see what next season brings.
  14. Just got back. Positives: Defenders blocking and heading away like nobody's business. Gallagher looking lively. Negatives: Really poor work-rate in midfield when out of possession (no, really, really bad) such that our defenders HAD to be good to avoid a drubbing. Mowbray couldn't help but meddle and move our goal-scoring forward out to the wings and kill our momentum. VERY poor tactics of hoofball yet again. Kaminski not coming for crosses and kicking the ball out every time. Overall: Poveda and Clarkson didn't look that much better than our kids. Certainly not like players who'll boss the league. A point was what we (just about) deserved but Boro will wonder how they didn't win that.
  15. To me, Boro are one of those teams just like us. An unfashionable team from an unfashionable town with unfashionable fans. The football is the only thing that keeps life sufferable. It's just that we've had a ridiculous amount of success in (relatively) recent history. They'd be my preference for teams up that way ahead of Newcastle and Sunderland. Not actually been to the new ground though and Saturday will make it 52 away grounds (I counted them up the other night when I was bored).
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