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  1. Chose the team aspect of Goal F but would be happy with either of Rothwell's.
  2. I have rarely agreed with Chaddy and have muted him on occasions. However... 1. You may be right there but I am not so sure. It's the sort of thing that I don't think has been decided yet. Either way, there's no reason to state that one opinion or the other is guaranteed. 2. It is relatively trivial but does indeed point to a greater, not at all trivial, impression of Labour as out of touch with normal people. 3. 'Must not be allowed' is a phrase which implies intervention in foreign domestic matters. Exactly the type of thing that Blair and recent governments have been villifie
  3. From an objective standpoint, Kaminski should have been sent off. When a defender is 'the last man', there is still a keeper in goal (1 person). Having another defender next to the foul (2 people) usually makes it a booking. This time, there was just the accompanying defender (1 person who couldn't use his hands to save a shot). Obvious red. 1-1 is a terrible score. Another game gone when we need a win to save ourselves but not a thrashing to see Mowbray gone. Meh...
  4. In attack we are much more creative and can get the ball into the box from midfield with little fuss. Very enjoyable. We seem to turn possession into chances very quickly. I thought it was striking that our main weakness was losing the ball when the full back was pushed way too far up the pitch. Both goals came from the gaping hole that the LB left. We also seem very keen to take short set pieces to the point that the Everton commentators straight up laughed at how badly wasted one free kick was.
  5. I wonder if those fretting about the risks of a jab have ever eaten solid food or walked along a pavement. God forbid they get in a car or walk up some steep steps! Seriously, it isn't a 50/50 chance people!
  6. He wasn't as bad as Coyle. Isn't though? I'm not sure (see above post for some thoughts)...
  7. We have always said that he'll never be as bad as Kean or Coyle and this has been taken as fact. I think it is time to actually compare. Compared to Kean: 1. No drink-driving lies or agent interference (known that is). 2. Players with family connections signed who are objectively not good enough (Myles Anderson / Aynsley Pears). 3. Results of the team are now worse than at any point then. 4. Odd (ludicrous) statements in the press which seem to defy logic. 5. Mowbray does have a managerial record of some sorts before taking over. So he's not quite as bad (fro
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9435611/Gavin-Williamson-Defence-Secretary-Absurd-writes-ALAN-DUNCAN.html While the paper is appalling and shouldn't be supported, it is worth reading this for the Yes Minister levels of hilarious in-fighting and name-calling. Reminds of John Hurt in The Alan Clark Diaries.
  9. Pink lady apples that aren't as sweet as usual. That is their whole selling point and the reason they are so much more expensive than others!
  10. Oh boy. This was intended as light-hearted quibbling with modern life. Actual argument doesn't relieve stress quite the same way...
  11. This is true and why nothing will happen. I can't help but think the readership might actually go up if he becomes a muckraking journalist trying to uncover stuff rather than reprinting club comments. I know I would find it a lot more interesting for one. Too much of a risk for them as you say.
  12. Children who I spent a year talking about my own personal Room 101 with. This, adjectives used as adverbs (the lad did good) and mayonnaise. Walked out the SATs room. I smiled and asked them about Room 101. What did I hate (knowing wink about Question 3)? Mayonnaise they all chanted. WAS THAT A QUESTION IN YOUR SODDING SATS? NO? I CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT ELSE I TALKED ABOUT... I loved them all dearly to be fair. They were my favourite bunch ever.
  13. I thought I would start a thread to let people let off some steam. Anything that isn't too serious. No Venkys or government here. I wanted to post this earlier in another thread but for the love of God... 1. 'We was' and 'it were' are wrong. Children aged 7 can see they're wrong. Adults should be able to. 2. Pundits using the present tense for things that happened in the past or haven't happened yet. LISTEN MORONS! "If he HAD GOT it on target it WOULD HAVE BEEN a goal." This makes sense because it's in English! 3. Your = Belonging to you You're = You are
  14. The obvious answer to that is: "Change the agenda!" Off the record or not, there is no point having communication with the club if things like the current fiasco are not addressed and they get to waste time chatting about the tastiest pie or the music selection in the ground. If such things are not answered adequately, the Fans Forum should explain that they will go straight to the Telegraph and ask for Rich Sharpe to do a back page detailing the contempt Rovers have for their fans. See what that might do to income. That seems a limp threat as it is unlikely to actually happen b
  15. It is vital that we have absolute clarity on who has authority for replacing the manager. What is Waggott's role if he can't do it? Why will he not if he can? What constitutes abject failure if not this?
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