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  1. The pitch is an irrelevance. It is an issue for a couple of games. Just like an injury is an excuse that soon goes. There is always an excuse; always a reason why the journey isn't over yet and the manager needs another transfer window. There were those who insisted he should be given until January. Not this January. 2 years ago. The same points were made then as now. When will these people admit things have not worked and will not work out if he gets another 2 years?
  2. May I recommend the roads through mid-Wales rather than the motorways if it's an evening game? Glorious, Top Gear road test-style drive over the tops of the Beacons and the Neath Valley.
  3. In terms of the pitch, Rothwell injured his groin when the turf gave way. Enough said. As for my second home (8 years knocking around Brynmill and Uplands), I'd personally prefer you not to go up. This is for the purely selfish reason of wanting to go to the away game next year!
  4. A thought which amused me as I sat through that bilge was the idea of my plastic alter-ego boycotting the rest of the season. I could ask for it to be removed. Imagine the publicity if plenty of people did that (mental villainous mwah ha ha)...
  5. Why do I get the feeling that these arguments will be going on in 20 or 30 years while young people roll their eyes at the boring old farts in the corner of the pub who can't move past an issue that is over and done with? Imagine Uncle Albert: "During the war..." Then imagine that guy: "Well I voted to..." Let's learn a lesson from the Americans. Painting political opponents as the devil incarnate is not conducive to reasonable discourse.
  6. Yes. Photos taken from the BBC website minute-by-minute. The person on there was going on about excited fans and the magic of the cup. No mention whatsoever about breaking the law. Each photo had a police officer stood about, not doing anything to break it up. This is why people are disillusioned...
  7. Sadly, while there are those who continue to ignore advice/the law, cases will continue. As I walked the dog in Witton Park earlier, I heard a loud bellow. Looking around for a fall injury (be careful there's a deadly amount of ice down there) or a loose, aggressive dog, I saw 6 or 7 teenage lads with plenty of provisions. They were actually taking turns to shout caveman-style right in the middle of the field for all to see. No thought of others. No thought of their own families. No thought. Short of police actually fining such people many thousands, what would ever reach those Neandertha
  8. It's actually impressive that our midfield can be both far too far back and too far forward at the same time! Truly pathetic pitch on which we are walking around and expecting someone else to score from nothing.
  9. Fair enough. As a teacher, the kids weren't even born for relatively recent (in my mind) things. They've never heard of Britney Spears never mind Carlos Villanueva saving us at Blyth or Steven Reid's screamer at Wigan!
  10. Little symbols in the blue bar underneath the regular sign-in options. If I re-phrase: It took me 3 tries then lots of pratting around with multiple confirmations. The site seems a bit amateur.
  11. It did that when I tried linking it with Facebook or Twitter. When I signed 'normally', it worked fine.
  12. As I once said to some lads from Southampton, "Why would you pick us? Are you off your rocker?!" As someone whose earliest Rovers memories were whilst sat on my Mum's shoulders, a few words I'd take friendly issue with: 1. Should. We all know *should*. We all know Rovers don't hang with *should*. 2. Cups. Cup*s*. This is not the League Cup. This is the FA Cup. Abide with Me. Stanley Matthews. Matching suits. Dave Whelan breaking his leg. The Crazy Gang. That episode of The Detectives. 1884-6 and all that. It's written into football folklore in a way the league just isn't. Person
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