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  1. I got mine back a few months back. Don't know exactly when but there was an announcement, we rang up and went down to get them. A rare example of efficiency to be fair. Not a VIP signing one mind...
  2. I was just down to get cup tickets. There are currently 5 staff behind the tills. 2 are printing shirts (for who I couldn't say). 1 is stood there. 1 is stood there whilst asking people if they want tickets. If the answer is in the affirmative, he directs you to the last staff member who is dealing with the whole queue of people on his own at the only till open. Madness.
  3. Tell me we're not reduced to considering tweets from someone known as 'White Boy Rick'! It's actually no surprise that fans are desperate for SOMETHING to change. All fans accept that all managers have a shelf-life but the logical extension that the end might be near seems to cause so much controversy and denial with some of us. If Watford are one extreme, we certainly seem to have become the other. Oh to be normal once again...
  4. Bought from Rovers' website, advertised as neutral commentators. I get two Leeds commentators talking about 'us' and mocking the absence of home fans. Thanks Roverstv.
  5. I'd be XL so just one size bigger. They had the changing rooms locked up so people were just trying them on in the shop! There'll definitely be plenty of returns. That's the reason I never buy clothes online anymore; it's just not worth the faff. Not great quality. The badge in particular is unlikely to survive for long. We knew that about Macron really though and it doesn't need to survive that many match days.
  6. Yep. One guy had 3 in his hand. Presumably one for a mate. I guess the people that usually buy both would be there on the first morning as opposed to those who'll drop in next week some time. Junior kits are there but no women's sizes. Training kit looked lovely so had a nosey at the price. £33. No thanks.
  7. I can confirm that you would definitely need a bigger size than normal. I really stood out as the odd one out down there by only buying one shirt (the away). Even with the XXL, it isn't exactly loose around the chest and the arms are very clingy (I have muscles but nothing freakish). Overall, a lovely kit. The home kit is indeed a darker blue in person than the reveal.
  8. In possibly a new record for failing to read the room, we now have the marvellous opportunity of watching the full 90 minutes against Bradford. Well, whoop-de-do... https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/RoversTV-Bradford-City-v-Rovers/
  9. To be fair to them, @Rovers is taking the piss out of some guy who said they'd fail to achieve their target. At least one person down there has a bit of fight in them...
  10. Thought the same! There seem to be quite a lot of singers who want to put 'their spin' on anthems or traditional songs when they should be sung not only with gusto but so the crowd can join in too.
  11. The sad individuals who've got so drunk already today, they won't even be able to watch the game. I mean, seriously, Bargain Booze and Wetherspoons will still be there tomorrow. Plus dollops of mayonnaise always be mixed in with perfectly good tuna in 'tuna' sandwiches.
  12. The closed off area means that you might want to walk up the hill towards the motorway or up Livesey Branch Rd towards the Brown Cow to get your taxi to Preston. I go the other way so not sure where the divide is. Golden Cup pub might be your best shot for a drink? Love the drive to Swansea. A fun little blast over the Beacons and the Neath Valley, dinner in The George, ice creams in Joe's and a leisurely crawl back. Perfect.
  13. With short sleeves and a tidier, navy blue colour, this would have been a great kit.
  14. My PC isn't showing the new site either. On the other hand, how different can it possibly be that I would find it fascinating?!
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