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  1. Micky fucking mouse would fare better at the moment as the theme parks are closed, he has nothing else to do
  2. The difference was this: Coventry had a game plan and stuck to it. Rovers had far better players but are managed by someone who has no idea, no plan a or b and does not know how to get the best out of his team. Mowbray has gone stale you can easily see this from his body language. Rovers have no idea how to move the ball around on a midden of a pitch!
  3. Utter shite 1-1 v 10 men and their keeper wasn’t even asked to make a save! Mowbray has to go!
  4. Let’s be honest Venkys pumping £17m a years is chicken feed to them. The world needs eggs and pharmaceuticals and will forever do so. Even in the midst of a world pandemic they will always profit handsomely
  5. I am actually considering gardening after walking and then washing my car! I have zero interest in today’s game and after 50 plus years of following Rovers I find myself wanting to do other things than watch my beloved Rovers!
  6. There is not a shred of evidence to back up the rabid conjecture that is being suggested. Come on folks let’s get serious. We know he needs to go, we know he won’t fall on his sword and we know he won’t accept any element of criticism or blame. A man who needs replacing but who will no doubt find a way of surviving for a few more weeks!
  7. 0-2 loss 6 losses on the spin, a pointless February and the final death knell in the season that we had so much hope 🤬🤬
  8. Come on guys some of you are reacting to social media rubbish and NOT any credible sources! If there was anything credible you can bet your bottom dollar any half decent hack would be all over it rather than the odd member on a fans forum!!😂😂
  9. It is not overrated it just isn’t used to the best of its ability 🤬
  10. But didn’t do enough to take them any further! That’s why they are not a good fit for Rovers
  11. Had a 6 game unbeaten run, won 1 x manager of the month and survived a relegation battle! Is that how you define success?
  12. Chaddy I respect your open and honest views but please can you enlighten me how you’d feel the cowley brothers woukd take us forward after failing so spectacularly at Huddersfield? We need a manager to I still a solid defensive work ethic something that Mowbray is unable to do. We need a manager with experience of this league. We need a manager who will get the ultimate optimum out of players. We need a manager who can organise the team properly without having to resort to experimental formations. If you look at what Cook did at Pompey but more importantly Wigan, he has
  13. Come on down Paul Cook make this club stand up and be counted
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