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  1. Whilst ultimately glad to see Rovers take 3 points it’s tempered by Mowbray again getting what appears to be a lifeline however the strings keeping him at Rovers must be seriously frayed! Going to be interesting how he approaches the next 2 games!
  2. Finally he has provided the final evidence that he has become stale and incompetent with the latest team selection. A team shorn of confidence, full of ability but unable to work to a system and YET he fails to select his best 11 players with a view to stemming the inevitable defeat. Mowbray has to go, it’s become predictably boring
  3. Tombola Tony strikes again! Totally shocking team selection 🤬
  4. Mowbray refuses to apportion any blame on himself, that’s what really pisses me off big time🤬
  5. Not too sure Barr would want to leave his position due to the success of his team. DJ not the manager to take us forward not even on a temporary basis. Why anyone would want to upset the team even more than it is with 5 games in the month when looking at it realistically we can only expect a return of 3 points is beyond me. Rovers still need 12 points to ensure safety and again that looks a hard prospect.
  6. I cannot get my head around the Cowley brothers love in! They haven’t done anything at this level that would benefit us! We need an experienced manager who knows how to get the best out of the talent we have. If they were that good or revelled in football they wouldn’t be unemployed!
  7. It’s now Thursday not a chance they will pot him today with a game on Saturday!
  8. If he was going it would have been done by now! It really is a piss poor run club at this moment! Mowbray out!
  9. To be fair only Brereton did anything to create something in the final third and penalty area, no one else did anything of note.
  10. 1 point out of 21 is a pathetic return and evidence that change is required! Just 10 points out if that lot would have seen us still on the edge of the top 10 now we are really up against the relegation dogfight. Mowbray out!
  11. 1 point out of 21 tells the real story, Mowbray has lost the plot, the players and fans and needs to go! Ive read his after match comments, what a complete and utter shouldering of blame onto others rather than himself !
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