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  1. This season I get the opportunity to shout my disdain where it can’t be ignored as it is on forums like this! Read the post correctly and look at the context my friend. Next year if he is still in post I won’t it’s pretty simple to understand ! it’s not just waggot that will see dissenting voices it will attract a wider audience .
  2. I remain as perturbed as most fans, especially on a whole host of matters. I want Mowbray OUT I want Waggot OUT I want Venkys OUT or alternatively I would like them to give 25% of the club ownership to the fans and allow another investor to take 25% as well. I am still underwhelmed at our great club being run in todays fashion, no planning, no hope, no bright insight as to how to make things better, little understanding of the support, no senior leadership present within the club, no commercial prospects etc etc etc.. the list is endless. This will be my 52nd year supp
  3. Doesn’t always follow that way especially with Blackpool back in the Championship. Added to tv appearances means that there will probably be more Bumley games Friday or Sunday depending on opposition teams in Europe! Lancs Police will know have to police Rovers, bpool,bumley,morecambe, fleetwood and Chorley as well as the nobbers from Preston!
  4. As it stands there is nothing to renew! Maybe the club won’t even bother selling them this season as the club enters the final throes of the death spiral brought about by Waggott and co!
  5. Another day of nonsense in the life of being a Blackburn supporter! No one knows anything, the club are silent on all things that involve or should involve the fans, another day and week passes without any news on season tickets, no word on the kit and how it will look both home and away. All these have impact on finances at the club. Even if we had pre orders for shirts added to 3000 season ticket renewals then there would be increased cash flow within the club and YET they continue with the inane running of this club. I am so saddened, so dispirited and so bloody annoyed that the c
  6. It said in the FF end of May early June, on that score Chaddy it’s late June. Common denominator being LATE! The shit show continues🤬
  7. personally it’s a complete and utter disgrace. I emailed SW 4 weeks ago and he hasn’t replied despite acknowledgement from the secretary and a previous response by him or someone! To now be mid June almost without a shred of communication from the club is bad enough and is something that the club has failed on big time over the years. There is nothing to whet the appetite of supporters. Season ticket news, kits, and everything else is as bad off the park as it is on it🤬🤬
  8. Dalsgaard and Marconendez both freebies at Brentford both would enhance our current squad
  9. Iirc Samba came from some low league foreign outfit, he didn’t turn out that bad did he?
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