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  1. The relativity of our income to other clubs isn’t the issue. The issue is the high proportion of our total income that our match day revenue represents….largely due to the piss poor merchandising/marketing throughout the Waggott era.
  2. That’s easy, some clubs are more dependent upon matchday revenue than others. Some clubs earned more from TV than others. Some have better sponsorship deals. Some have better iFollow sales figures. Some pay lower wages. Covid has hit the industry, but not all clubs have the same business model. Some also have fully-functioning executive boards…
  3. I’m no defender of Waggott but Covid has rather impacted upon income…
  4. You all want to sing 🎶 Y DICE BEN BEN BEN Y HACE BAM BAM BAM Y LUEGO BUM BUM BUM ES GOL DE BRERETON 🎶 Yeah ? Here’s the tune…👍🏻
  5. Well thank you…well done 😁 I saw a reply from @Tom on Twitter & followed up that with Nicolas but pleased that BRFCS is now (in)famous in South America 👍🏻
  6. For our new friends from Chile 🇨🇱
  7. Thanks for this & welcome to Blackburn Rovers 😀
  8. #BreoWatch meets commercial opportunities 😁
  9. The payment we make to Forest when Brereton is capped…😳
  10. Loans from Venkys as opposed to share capital
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