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  1. Here’s the oracle (Harry Berry)...the Dalglish one is the outlier...
  2. So you should be...I’m just fearful that we may need to fight a war & this is merely the first skirmish...but as you say, an early victory & a welcome one in the current circs...👍🏻
  3. I hope so...but until Waggott departs I’m ruling nothing out frankly...😬
  4. Are we TOTALLY out of the woods ? 🤔 “current form” worries me....
  5. Our joint venture with Rovers Radio continues... Relive the excitement of being a small town in Europe through the memories of Katharine McNamara & the music of that memorable season. Features Benni, MGP & Bentley plus music from Amy Winehouse, The Killers & Kings of Leon amongst others. Streams on Rovers Radio at 11am on Sunday morning & will be available as a podcast to download shortly thereafter.
  6. ...as Rovers are presently on the Skids...should anyone want to post anything about the game...here’s the thread...
  7. One to pose to @4,000 Holes - I think Scott was hoping to be “back on Kidder St” by now...
  8. It does so this is your last chance to put through those iFollow receipts as “wholly & necessarily business expenditure...” 😉
  9. I suppose we should start talking about this one now... Something about Roger Jones, John Bond, Ted MacDougall, Phil Boyer #OnesForTheTeenagers
  10. 😐 https://brfcs-podcast.brfcs.com/index.php?name=2019-09-11_ep_119_-_ian_moore.mp3
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