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  1. It’s been said repeatedly on this thread but it bears repeating...do the thing that your “opponent” least wants you to do... Waggott needs planning consent. Without it, everything else is moot.
  2. Based on Friday’s video, the thing that Waggott fears most is objections from the residents. That is the most powerful tactic that can be deployed to prevent planning being approved.
  3. The options are stark: 1. Cut your cloth accordingly - reduce outgoings to match income 2. Increase income to allow continued investment 3. Ask owners to invest to make good the shortfall
  4. Yes, but players are current assets & can be more easily traded/replaced than training grounds...
  5. Precisely....I’ve worked on a number of sale & leaseback transactions in my career - businesses that need to unlock capital from their fixed assets in order to carry on trading. If the funds raised are then used to generate additional income then absolutely it could turn that business around. Essentially therefore, we are being asked to buy in to the premise that a smaller site, with fewer facilities (though possibly improved) will be better at producing young footballers - to save paying transfer fees & to sell on to generate income. I’m sceptical...
  6. They might choose to walk away with a £200m loss; simply because this is as good as it is likely to get. Pumping in c.£17m p.a. to keep the business ticking over is throwing even more money into a black hole. The only positive way out for them is promotion & a sustained spell in the PL. No other scenario gives them their money back.
  7. People do this all the the time when they downsize their houses to free up equity. But you can only do it once & it’s called downsizing for a reason. Once it is gone it is gone & JW put those covenants in for a reason. Not addressing this point is disingenuous at best.
  8. OK...with you; the story is that it is a cock up basically - but it is being addressed and I’m sure that @J*B will formally advise of the consultation process to channel questions & feedback for future meetings. Once again, we all do this for free, in amongst our personal, busy lives and occasionally, things get overlooked. It has been addressed.
  9. I was given a tour of the STC in October 2018 for our podcast episode 100 (outrageous plug klaxon) & it was fabulous, everyone there was rightly proud of it. Never been to the JTC so can’t comment. Look back a few pages for @JHRover all encompassing post.
  10. Don’t forget ours is apparently 19,000 acres though... Everton & Boro by way of comparison....
  11. That interview reminded of the deference displayed in this famous clip...30 seconds or so in... ”Steve...why are you so great ?”
  12. Just watched this...my takeaways FWW TL:DR We need money, this raises money....dear residents...please don’t object, we need the money 1. Integration...integration...integration - a good thing ? Yes, can see that in an ideal world & all that ✅ 2. Applications “to establish the principle...” 🤔 3. “Came out earlier than I thought...” I’ll bet...🤨 4. Consultation with residents 11/3-19/3 - seem paranoid about resident objections....fans perspective/concerns not mentioned 😳website being set up...better late than never ✅ 5. “When the club isn’t using it...” sugge
  13. Hang on a second...this isn’t a club or society...but if you all are willing to pay an annual membership fee then we can change the construction of the organisation along those lines ? All members would of course have to take on board joint & several liability in the event of any legal action though. This is cock-up not conspiracy....trust me...
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