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  1. The fans song, (your not fit to wear the shirt) is harsh on some players but in Christian Walton it is exactly right this guy is non league at absolute best. Sadly the best we can hope for this season is to finish above Preston, piss poor rovers, piss poor Mowbray.
  2. Definitely the palace game for me, truly awful day that was.
  3. Mowbray should be under pressure,but his constant tinkering with the team /tactics is not doing him any favours. A good man with good intentions but IMHO he will not get us promoted sadly, Gary Bowyer all over again.
  4. First game of the season and the calls for Mowbrays head in my opinion are justified, how many transfer windows has he had to sort out the defence? He’s a decent manager and should be thanked for the work he’s done but I don’t think he can take this club forward, too negative, loyalty to past it players and sometimes bewildering substitutions/tactics. We will not be promoted under Mowbray, thank you Tony but time to go.
  5. Spot on. Your a chancer Gary whose sounding more like Steve Kean with every interview he gives.
  6. whatever happened to granada tv number one tosser Gerald Sinstadt.
  7. Gary Higson. And the rest of the sports team at radio lancs,for the consistant way they always focus on the negatives when covering the rovers.
  8. As mentioned previous, Sir Roger Jones,and the one and only Tony Field.
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