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  1. Big Sam’s 1st relegation. What say most of you- did Sam have enough talent to keep the baggies up?
  2. Rovers took 11 of the last 18 points. Much better than we did in the previous 36 pts, but still nowhere near good enough to be a top-6 club. Rovers had a goal diff of +11. Hooray. And finished 15th. ugh. Going back to New Years 2021, the owners were asked by Mowbray to give him 2 loaners & 2 permanent signings. They gave him exactly what he wanted, alas, Rovers were worse on the pitch than before. By his own statements, Rovers did not reach the goal he had set, and by no measurement known to man, have Rovers been successful. It’s not that the fan base haven’t given
  3. Good to see that teamwork on the goal, probably our dynamic duo next season 😂
  4. U23’s currently trailing Chelsea, 1-2. bah, 1-3 now. I was hoping we could stay above ManU.
  5. Weather permitting... I hope there will be be pics taken, for the benefit of we Texans who cannot be there.
  6. I saw that. Ugh He needs to play... so he shows up the last game of the season. I bet if he starts, he limps off before HT.
  7. Big threats to score for Birm? Jutkiewicz & Hogan have 7 apiece. They don’t defend particularly well, either, as they are 18th in the league. A minus 21 goal diff. Yet, they have one less win, and one less tie, than Rovers. However this game plays out, I’m sure it’s just part of the mowbray journey than has no beginning, but hopefully has an end, very soon.
  8. I would love to sing it... did you have a tune in mind when you wrote this?
  9. Frankly, with all the fan unrest, I’m surprised it has not already happened. even 100 fans, organized correctly, should send a message. 1,000 would be a real statement. There’s got to be 1,000 unhappy, rabid Rovers fans in Lancashire, & thereabout. “Mowbray told us to expect playoffs- can’t get there from 15th place”, etc. For fans to let mgmt/owners know their discontent, this is what needs to happen. Peaceful! No drunken mob storming Ewood.
  10. I know a lot of us don’t care. But we really do care, we don’t stop supporting our club, just because x owns the club, or x manages the club. Also, Mowbray’s future doesn’t come down to this one game. I always want the Rovers to win... and I don’t want to see Rovers passed on the table by Forest or Coventry. Arma scores the 1st goal, his final goal in the blue & white. Gally gives us something to think about (his future with the club), as he scores the winner. 2-1, Rovers.
  11. Seriously, I’m just ready for this season to end. I know we’ve had some heartaches and missed opportunities, to go with the injuries, but we’ve also had many failures, from the manager to the players on the field. We have six, 0-1 losses... in 2021 alone. I can think of six games easily, that we could’ve pulled 12 points from, 3 wins & 3 ties, today should’ve been 3. Missed opportunities (yes, I know every team can say the same).
  12. Limp to the finish line next week vs Birm City. Can’t wait to see our guys whiff more shots than we did today. COYB
  13. Nothing has changed, imo. The game was there, ours for the taking, and we fluffed and bobbled it away. A manager with an eye for detail could work out & sort this, but I’m afraid we don’t have that guy.
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