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  1. Yes (hits self in head); yes (hits self harder); Gallagher (ha); 20th Swans
  2. Thanks for the updates. I guess the big positive from friendlies, is the continued development by BB-D. Trying to stay positive.
  3. Gally can be of use to the club, I’d like to see what he could do under the tutelage of a decent manager
  4. Porous defending, and a near nonexistent attack. I’m wondering now if we can get a win from our first five games. I’m truly not seeing where we can manage more than a tie.
  5. On the club website, updates & commentary are never provided. Anybody know why? Surely, one doesn’t have to pay, simply to get updates & comments during the game? Watching Roverschat on YouTube, just to get their comments…
  6. That never ends. This guy is of no benefit to us.
  7. I am desperate for a win today, & getting ready for the games that count (as best I can in Texas), COYB!
  8. 1-1, I feel pretty good about that result, I agree that the young guys getting quality time is a huge positive for this club… we are young, and getting younger, it seems.
  9. Judging by comments on rovers chat, Blackburn Rovers: more fans in Chile than Blackburn now? 😂
  10. Can anybody give score & what minute in the match? Thanks!
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