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  1. Glad we got all 3 today, and hoping our recent run of results have boosted the squads morale. We have a winnable game vs Luton at Ewood on Saturday. The defending looked better today, I’d say iron out the midfield Saturday & Rovers could put up 3 again.
  2. Tony the mad scientist. I don’t understand it but I accept it
  3. Are we gonna have a shot on target today, doubtful bB & Dacky coming on
  4. My usual optimism has deserted me. A point might be all we can hopefully desire today. I do not believe Boro still bummed about their loss to Brum, they are probably anticipating a fairly convincing performance today.
  5. If Rovers are going to start making their move climbing back in the playoff race, this is the time and the place. I am encouraged by Dack & Travis’ return, & Branthwaite is a needed addition to central defense. Yet to lose in 2021, let’s keep it going, COYB!
  6. IF this one gets played, I expect Rovers to put in one of their best, most inspired, performances of the season. The team came back to get a point yesterday, when seemingly all was lost. There is still a lot to play for. 1-1 (I said inspired, I didn’t say we would win!)
  7. Absolutely; men like Santo, Bielsa, etc, it doesn’t have to be a man from the UK (I’m from Texas, so my search might be even broader than others on this board). What is the general feeling about Tugay- is he still a Coach at Galatasaray?
  8. Not to promote, or argue against, a managerial change, what are the perceived strengths & weaknesses of Damien Johnson? How about Gareth Ainsworth? If/when the time comes for a managerial change, I would be open to including younger men, not just “the usual suspects.” I know it can be risky, but it’s always a risk, anyway, going a different direction.
  9. If we move up to 8th, that’s improvement, but it’s not a playoff place. If I remember Mowbray’s prior comments, playoffs were his goal. We’ve only been 8th once since relegation. If we can get that high on the table, sacking him becomes that much more problematic. No easy answers to this. I’m just afraid there is nobody else out there clearly better than Mowbray, that would justify sacking him.
  10. I’m with you, Chaddy. We aren’t going to hire Superman right now, anyway. Give Tony the season, & properly assess him then. if we’re still hovering between #11-15 on the table, with our key men back in the squad, it will be a much easier decision to give him his walking papers.
  11. I always want Rovers to get a positive result. There is no benefit to lose, nor will it get Mowbray fired. I will take a point today; it beats what we got at their ground.
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