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  1. When I first became a fan of the club, Rudy came along, shortly thereafter. I loved watching Rhodes & Gestede (with kudos to Conway for whipping on those beautiful crosses!) However, hiring him as head of footie operations is a big risk. Rovers are teetering on the precipice of collapse & irrelevancy. I would’ve preferred an experienced hand in this area.
  2. I have a feeling our transfer business is going to be like several past seasons- wait until the season nearly begins, and bring in 2 or 3 players at the last second. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. I saw Rovers cut some prices. But, it’s not enough. Considering we fill the lowest % of our stadium of anybody in the Championship, the owners need to take that to heart, and do whatever it takes to get the fans in. Fans = money, especially, if you can get 'em when they're young.
  4. Signing these stopgap guys, McFaz & Ruddy, has no impact on the future of the club. I’d rather an U21 play, even with his mistakes of youth. I can’t see the old guys help us promote, or stay up. IMO
  5. I have no doubt in my mind, this is exactly how it will play out. We will be fortunate to buy one League 1 player, for £1-2 mil, ala, Szmodics. This plan is guaranteed to result in a relegation scrap. The idiocy of all this, is preceded by allowing players like Rothwell & Lenihan leave on a freebie. And selling off our most promising U21’s. who does this!? Blackburn Rovers. Time & again.
  6. My .02… The owners simply want to obtain the majority of the first team through the academy. I believe they are opposed to spending their money on both the academy, & quality, proven, Championship level, transfers.
  7. I’m afraid you’re right. We need Hedges, Siggy, & Trav back (if only for depth), but the roster still needs upgrades all over the place.
  8. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I agree with you on Eustace. Detractors could say he got back several players Tomasson didn’t have, but JE really shored up the leaky defense (Bristol nightmare excluded).
  9. Wins on the road vs Leeds & Leicester, the year of Szmodics, but the rest of the season was very forgettable. Goodness knows what happens next season. I’m no prophet, but I’m afraid we’re in for some lean times.
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