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  1. Really a ho-hummer today, from Rovers point of view. Worthy of a good yawn. Nothing truly to get excited about.
  2. I’d like to see some mean, nasty steaks in our players. We have a lot of nice, inoffensive lads now.
  3. Rangers are about to smack one in the back of the net
  4. Who are our three best players on the pitch? Kaminski & BB-D are givens. Would Nyambe be #3?
  5. So, should Davenport or Khadra be in the 11? not sure what other options are available.
  6. Truth here. If we play our best four at the back, I feel pretty good. the midfield still needs sorting. But, we can score with BB-D & Gally.
  7. I could see this as 3-2, or 2-3. For me, it’s all about defending. We must start playing better defensively. even with our injuries and long-term guys out, we can score at least 2 goals vs the 2nd-worst defending team in the league. They are missing some of their better players, too (Wallace, Johansson, et al.)
  8. All I know, is what I read on bbc gametracker, but it’s terribly disappointing to be 2-0 and come out with only a point. Yet again. I will not question the players’ effort. How close are we to seeing Dack & JR-C on the pitch? Those guys could be game changers in midfield. Otherwise, I’m fuming over all the lost points we’ve seen after HT this season, and wishing we could see some big changes. IMO, Rovers fans have been very patient with mgmt so far, receiving so little in return.
  9. There it is; now, we fight like two cats in a sack for 30 minutes to get a point.
  10. I’m still relatively new to the game, but we’re still playing 5 backs, right? Not sure of Edun’s history, but everybody else is a back.
  11. I’m generally one of the sunshine-pumpers here. However, without BB-D and Gally, and playing a pretty fair Coventry team, I’m afraid we will have trouble scoring enough to offset our flimsy defense. 1-2.
  12. I’d like to see us that urgency for the first 90 min someday
  13. I guess it’s good we have no games the next two weeks, we’d just lose them all.
  14. Ollie Walker-Peel, strong effort on rovers chat, thanks for your objectivity and hard work. I gave it up at 2-0, I wanted to say the above before I forget.
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