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  1. I predicted the 1-1 tie vs Coventry. No, I’m not proud of a tie, but a point got us off the schnide. I will call another point at Reading, but this time, 2-2. Arte et Labore.
  2. Thanks, 99, I tend to embrace 98% of what you said. “Mass overhaul”, as you stated, is probably what comes next. Making it to 8th on the table, I put on the players talent moreso, than managerial acumen. Sitting where we are currently, I place on Mowbray’s shoulders. Injuries account for a bit perhaps, but we’ve fallen back in the pack, even with the return of Dack (not yet fit) & Travis. and others.
  3. I agree, we flop across the finish line, battered & bruised, more dead & buried than alive, but still in the Championship. But as Booth just said, what about next season? Player departures and money troubles, portend a sorry 2021-2022 season. We will certainly have to find better defenders on the cheap. I don’t see that happening, if this leadership team remains intact. Just more loaners, and chronically injured players coming in.
  4. The game earlier this season was a nightmare. I don’t fear this one as badly, probably 1-2. Afterwards, when we’re 18th on the table, our fearless leader will say, “promotion is right around the corner”
  5. Mowbray-“we didn’t do the basics good enough.” if they didn’t, it’s on you, TM. You’ve had plenty of time to get the guys you need, to play the system you endorse. I’m frustrated; no sense going over all his failures again, but they are numerous, and worse than ever.
  6. We don’t have a chance of winning the fixtures coming up. We couldn’t even beat these scrubs today. Utterly abysmal.
  7. If we don’t win this, I don’t see us win anything. Was Millwall the last quality win we had (Dec 2)?
  8. Rovers’ subs: I am hoping Dack in relief shows us his pre-injury form. Dolan needs to play, imo. mans, Trybull hopefully shows us something, anything.
  9. Evans starting? The logic escapes me. Some of the others are limited by the fitness of players. still, this lineup should get all 3 points today (should, not will)
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