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  1. I was out of town this weekend, with no chance to look at the board. Rovers beat a decent championship side, 5-1. We have the 2nd youngest squad in the league, and are sitting 6th. It’s nice to enjoy one impressive victory. Just for a little while.
  2. Ugh, what an empty, hollow point. This is on TM & players, they share equally today. I guess I should be happy for the clean sheet, Kaminski, MotM
  3. Games like this & Luton really annoy me. It’s like, be happy with a point, we’re not capable of more.
  4. TM master plan… Clarkson to Khedra unfortunately, we will concede late
  5. Excellent job, Miller11. I see Rovers as an guttier version over last year, even sans Arma & Elliott. The team seems to have energy, & pace. Pickering & Ayala are better defenders than what we had. I’m not saying we will finish where we are currently, but I’m excited to see how each game plays out (at least for now). 2-3. COYB!
  6. Ayala gives a much-needed boost to this team, IF he stays healthy.
  7. He’s young, with ability, and still developing as a player. Age has everything to do with it. He’s not the same player now, as he was when he was 18.
  8. I don’t understand the negativity towards Buckley. The fact he’s 21, and still has room to grow as a player, I can understand that.
  9. We have blown several good opportunities to score this year. We are going to need to make those goals today vs. Hull. They are playing much better defense than we.
  10. Just saw the lineup, I got my wish. Dolan needs a productive day. Big Ben should get some help from these midfielders. 2-1.
  11. I am glad to see most of us take the same stance on loaners. They are zero long-term use. I was ridiculed on “the other” Rovers board, for arguing against obtaining large numbers of loaners (3-4). That being said, I loved Tosin & Elliott, and I think Clarkson is a solid talent. While he’s here, he needs to be used (especially since he appears to be our only transfer that is fit).
  12. Broken record time… There’s plenty of blame to go around when you’re ahead, 2-0, and can only get a tie. But, it happens far too often to our team. That’s on the manager. it’s past time for a change on the touchline.
  13. I said it earlier, I like, no LOVE, this lineup! Nice bench today, too.
  14. 2-0, Such excitement, I’m not sure I can take it! 😅
  15. I like this lineup. I bet we see Khadra today, too. COYB!
  16. I thought we might actually have an easy game. Now, I have no idea, but I’m dizzy from reading about our incoming players who are not expected to be available for this game. I am hopeful I will feel better when I see the starting lineup, about the time I wake up here in Texas tomorrow. G’night, I hope y’all get this figured out!
  17. I have seen the LFC/Rovers match in its entirety, securing the PL trophy to Rovers. Tense moments indeed, when Liverpool got the game winner, but no matter. Rovers were league champs. Also, I’ve watched the League Cup match vs Tots. Amazing, the team was considered almost an afterthought, with 2-3 starters out. What a great victory! 🏆
  18. It’s been interesting, I will say that. The first Rovers game I saw on TV was an FA Cup match, vs ManC. It was Bowyer’s boys, all the way, as Scott Dann scored the only Rovers goal. I could’ve easily picked anybody in the universe to give my affections to. My son was already a huge Liverpool fan (even though he got his Masters at Reading). Why Rovers? I read & watched everything I could get my hands on, Rovers-related. I love Rovers. End of story (see my pic above, with PL trophy. The folks at the club were great to me, to give this Texan a tour of all of Ewood Park, incl the 1876 Boardroom). None of us have an answer for the disease infecting BRFC. We can’t get what we want (TM & waggott to go, owners to sell). Just keep loving the blue & white shirt. The fans need to show up, it’s the only Blackburn Rovers we’ve got, or ever will have. Cheer the club. Let the lads know when they give 100%, darn sure let em know when they give less. Give TM the business, when he fails. My last word on this, I will let it go, & take what comes: I honestly want Rovers back in the PL, but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. I don’t demand it. I will still cheer them on. I just want the owners & admin to be honest about things, to admit when they fail, and show that they give a care about the future of the club.
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