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  1. here are a few suggestions of players we could sign with the Armstrong sale money. Suggestions by Rovers analytics winger CDM player
  2. did they interview you or ask you why you were shouting Mowbray out Waggott out?
  3. and what happened if Barnsley don't offer him a new contract this summer or he might want a new challenge. A good manager would be targeting him this summer. Until Mowbray has gone we don't have that
  4. Jim, When you answer my questions I asked you roughly 2 to 4 weeks ago and thats you choose to ignore that as per usual with yourself Jim!!!. then I might start answering yours questions Jim!
  5. Building a squad that will be together for few seasons. We have experience players already in the squad like Kaminski, Ayala, Lenihan, Travis. Now is the time to bring through our young good enough players and signing the right quality players with experience and within the age bracket I set under a new head coach/manager next season One example that We could sign Alex Mowatt from Barnsley who is quality player and captain them. Aged 26.
  6. You asked a question and I gave you my answer.
  7. Plenty of good quality experience players we can sign from within those age bracket I suggested I would get rid of Bennett and Johnson. From reading Bennett social media post on Saturday evening I took it he is leaving. Have you seen it? I can see him wanting to be home all the time instead of staying away from home days a week. Losing Evans, Downing and Holtby(who was fit enough to warrant a new contract) is no big miss and we need better and players who will be fit for most of the games next season Of Course its makes plenty of sense to sign players from within that age bracket.
  8. Like I said previously to you. The 2 events are 2 completely different situations that required 2 different from the Government. Apart from that I have nothing more to add to you Already explained to RoverDom. Please refer to them
  9. Suggest he looks how successful President Bill Clinton was economically for the USA The Clinton Presidency: Historic Economic Growth (archives.gov) Abit like Labour general election results for the past 11 years fail, fail, fail and fail. Plus we don't have O-levels in the Education system anymore. You are over 30 years out of date
  10. All those I said have happened apart from the Police, Crime, sentencing and Courts Bill The NHS Spending Bill is law now. Brexit is done Recruiting more Police officers has happened we have recruited so far 6,435 new recruits. The Government did protected businesses or jobs or mortgages through the pandemic through various schemes, the kickstart scheme for 6 month work placements for young people between the ages of 16 and 24, who are on Universal Credit and are deemed likely to remain unemployed in the long-term is currently actively and people are using the scheme
  11. Having low taxes means people have more money to spend in shops, etc. so the government still gets their tax and VAT. Plus more money for businesses meaning they have more money to build their businesses up. Whilst we can still invest in the NHS, infrastructure spending etc.
  12. That's why his possession based game when never work. I don't know the complete story to be honest and whether Stoke are trying to move him on this summer and looking to move him on or his agent is offering him to clubs. Who knows. But would I sign him? No I wouldn't. I wouldn't be signing a 30 year old player in this window but looking players age between 21 to 28 years old. I think what we need a good solid defensive midfielder who will protect the back 4 between the age of 24 to 28 and maybe another depending on who the manager is, how we will play tactically and formation wi
  13. Stoke still have a massive wage bill there so I imagine they want to reduce it whilst allowing Michael O'Neill to sign own players on lesser wages. I don't know what wages Clucas is on but I don't see them fitting within our wage budget or Mowbray tactical approach. He not someone I think we should be signing
  14. I posted the link for the board to discuss and I hope we have no more lockdowns and can live with the virus like Flu whilst getting back to normal life pre pandemic.
  15. Same old comments again Ewood Ace without accepting that those things have happened.
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