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  1. You say you are well aware of FFP but your above comment shown you don't understand it cos its about the profit and loss columns in the club accounts not just transfer spend per season. Look at the club accounts and we are losing millions each season I think @philimention its over 4 years now but at 39 million pounds losses.
  2. Not keen on 5 loan players coming in. Rather 1 or 2 came in Shame you won't be at Ewood Park on Saturday
  3. Don't think you understand how close we are to being in embargo again cos of FFP. We are allow losing 39 million pounds in 2 seasons and we are only that sort of losses over 3 years so we need to find 20 million pounds to meet FFP. I totally understand wanting to spend some money and wish we could spend. It's Mowbray to blame for mismanaging his budget for last 2 seasons and he should be have known about the embargo and FFP Since he is the manager of the club Who says they will be kids? Maybe we look at Charlie Goode at Brentford as a possible signing.
  4. Revised line up based on Team news Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Pickering Travis Buckley Rothwell Dolan Gallagher Brereton-Diaz Subs:- Stergiakis, Carter, Davenport, Garrett, Butterworth, McBride, Pike
  5. Not sure But he is Man City under 23 captain and has first team games under his belt. If we are bring in loans then their team will want them to play
  6. I think it will be Travis, Buckley and maybe Doyle if signs here
  7. dont know if this has been posted yet but this could be permanent signing for us https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1090516025?-11198:839
  8. Maybe we will like Goode at Brentford who we were linked with before he signed there and someone posted on here a few months ago that the Recruitment department recommend him but Mowbray wanted Ayala I would say it would be Rothwell who misses out. Still wouldn't surprise me if he was sold before the deadline
  9. hasn't @philialready outlined it for you what the affects are on the club here is his answer again When you are in an embargo, the maximum you can offer for a weekly wage is £10k for a new signing as well as a contract renewal. You also have rules on signings and existing players not going above a certain Wage to Turnover ratio. So if we do end up in another embargo soon you can kiss goodbye to every player whose contract comes to an end next summer. Also we won't have any assets to sell to get out of the embargo.
  10. Mowbray would like Man City Tommy Doyle on loan for the season according to Rich Sharpe
  11. Yes we have to save money and reduce the wage bill whilst meeting FFP requirements otherwise its another embargo for us. Is that what you want? We are losing around 20 million per season can we afford to keep doing this every season? Yes I would love to millions on Armstrong's replacement but we can't. Still think our best bet is a player plus cash deal but we will see what happens in the coming days.
  12. Look at the club accounts and we are losing millions of pounds per season. Thats what FFP is focus on the Profit and loss column in the club accounts Have we made a profit on player trading? Sold Raya and bought Gallagher in 2019 and 2020 we bought Kaminski and Pickering so where is profit on player trading Venkys have put into the club yearly but still lack the knowhow and experience to run a successful football club
  13. yes we all agree but Rovers would still have a massive wage bill to start with. So you need a hire a a good footballing CEO to run the club and put in a proper football structure and plan in place of how the club will be run. Then come up with good pricing on season tickets and match day. And talk to speaking to fans who haven't bought ST for a few years and how to get them back if you can. I know some Rovers fans who won't come back to a regular match going due to family and work commitments. But the club ticketing staff and the CEO/commercial director should be talking to fans and doing what they can to get them back
  14. I thought you would bring up Boro spending money on a player of 5 million pounds but what you have overlooked is the money they have spent and recieved from transfers. So here is a quickly breakdown of that for the last 4 season 20-21 season. transfer spent 2.7 million. transfer received 400k 19-20 season. transfer spent 3.1 million transfer received 12.5 million 18-19 season. transfer spent 19 million transfer received 43 million 17-18 season transfer spent 50 million transfer received 48 million So they have spent about 75 million in transfer fees spent but received 102 million pounds so that profit of 27 million and FFP rules aren't a problem for them like us. Plus they have double our attendance each game
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