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  1. Very impressive display.. They all know the formation and how to play it. Is the manager willing to play Pike or Eastham or Burns or McBride or Durrant? Also alot of these players have been playing together for under 16's to u18 to now the under 23's. So they understand each other game plus Billy Barr and Mike Sheron have worked with them for a number of years now
  2. His goalscoring record ar best 1 goal in 3 games. I think we need to get a proper goalscorer who will score goals and be less concern if him and Dack could work.
  3. Do we need that type of striker or would you prefer someone like Jephcott or Woodrow?
  4. When you think how much we pay in car fuel duty, insurance and car tax then MOT/service of your car per year. IMO we pay more than our fair share. Cyclists dont pay any road tax or need insurance to drive the roads. Motorists pay for those cycling lanes.
  5. What that got to do with what the government recieved in Fuel Duty taxes in 19/20 tax year?
  6. Can you explain why he would be a good replacement? what strengths has he gone? strength or pace striker?
  7. In 2019/20 the UK Government received approximately in fuel duty tax receipts 27.57 billion British pounds. I think Motorists pay more than the fair share of taxes, VAT and insurances to drive on the roads.
  8. what would people team been? my team would be Kaminski JRC Lenihan Harwood-Bellis Douglas Buckley Trybull Dack Dolan Gallagher Brereton
  9. So you want to ignore the injuries he picked since returning to training. Why? Crazy to start him in both games imo. He hasnt got the fitness for me. I would start him against Swansea and bench him for Brentford game
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