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  1. Well that's your opinion but given our history, stadium, Senior training ground and Academy facilities we could attract them.
  2. Perfectly calm and chill out thanks Mercer. Buts it time for a change and I would sack him tomorrow. Appoint Damien Johnson as Caretaker manager for Saturday game. Then appoint a new manager after that game. Fair enough. They are other options out there like Chris Wilder, Mark Robins, Neil Critchley, Ryan Lowe(Plymouth), Alex Neil, Neil Harris. We need fresh new ideas, good tactician, modern day coaching, organised defence to keep clean sheets and motivator
  3. Go and get Gareth Ainsworth Rovers and let replace Mowbray. We need a manager with fresh ideas, new tactical approach and get us keeping clean sheets
  4. We have to increase the turnover and get more fans back inside the stadium and increase the sponsorship. We don't the ins and outs of the contract offer to Lenihan do we. or what the contract is wage wise or bonus wise
  5. Bournemouth remain top and unbeaten for the season under Scott Parker after beaten Stoke 1 nil. Cooper has produced the goods at Forest in his first 5 games. 4 wins and 1 draw. Wish we had appointed him here
  6. Rovers overall deserved from nothing from that game. created nothing of note second half and to be honest not much to add to this. Disappointed second half performance. is that the best insult you got Duncan. tbh, All ifs, buts and maybes. Scoring goals isn't the problem but conceded and not keeping clean sheets
  7. Even first half. Both teams haven't over attack so far. Butterworth and Pickering were best players 1st half 3-5-2. See image below
  8. We are only 5 loans in the match day squad. We can replace these players with similar quality players but for we need a new manager who can get them more consistence from them, fresh ideas and is tactical awareness. Someone like Gareth Ainsworth would be ideal for me, John Park running the recruitment side and finding these quality players on low fees, frees and loans
  9. Sevilla are reporting interested in Brereton and from what was reported in the summer that Kaminski had interested in from European clubs
  10. very surprised by the team. Delighted Butterworth has got a chance. Reckon we get a point from this game. glad to see you back to normal form by keep mentioning even tho this isn't the problem this season. We have scored goals all season. Its more about conceded goals and clean sheets
  11. I have never said that the players are the villains of the piece and In fact its a job to them and they have only have small career so they want to earn the most they can and achieved as much as they can Give our new summer signings until the start of January then judge then. This summer budget was must small and tight then next year budget could be or should be. Rothwell is looking like he joining Rangers on pre contract. Yes I do think we get good/decent replacements for Lenihan and Nyambe if they want to leave and not sign new contracts. Sell them in January for fees and use that money for new signings. I also expect Brereton and Kaminski will leave this coming summer aswell. Expect Brereton will move to PL or Spanish club for 15 to 20 million and around 3 or 4 million for Kaminski. So we will be able to spend some of that money aswell. FFP is there and we must be compliance with them. Very far fetched is that sort of statement well firstly, its not obsession but reality of the footballing world and clubs have to meet their FFP requirements. You can want to keep ignoring it and thats its gets nowhere. Well firstly you comments that we are under extreme FFP restrictions is a person blowing something out of the water. Given its was minimal wages on those players and its was 4 weeks its hardly much iis it
  12. Rangers close on Rothwell https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1100360421?-11198:839
  13. What trap would that be? Realising that's wage bill has to be realistic and sustainable. Well you can replace these players with new players on similar and similar fees we received
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