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  1. What are the latest plans for season tickets for next season? Have any discussions took place about next season's transfer plans and budget since we arent getting promote this season
  2. Thought Brereton was.our best player by miles. Impacted the game by his performance
  3. Bowyer was sacked on a Monday night after 6pm..we played Brentford at home and drew 1-1 Coyle was sacked on Tuesday afternoon.after 3pm after we played Man Utd at home in FA Cup Well we still cant after the financial backing Mowbray had in terms of wages and fees. I rather use Maglorie and Carter then keep signing the wrong type of players like Ayala who you want. We looked best with Lenihan and Wharton as our defensive partnership. We already need at least a left back in provide back up Pickering. Possible 1st choice right back
  4. I rather use them then keep signing players. Use our academy players
  5. The UK approved the Pfizer and Oxford/AZ vaccine and so far vaccinated over 20 million people so far with the 1st dose. What a great effort by the UK. UK rushed to approval on the Oxford/AZ vaccine? Evidence of this? Yes I am. The UK vaccination taskforce bought Vaccines way before your beloved EU even got started on it. The EU Slow on buying vaccines and slow on vaccinating people. Why does it matters so much what the US, French or the Germans are doing? Are the vaccinate the amount of people we are daily Jim?
  6. David Cameron criticises successors Theresa May and Boris Johnson over security and foreign policies Theresa May ‘weakened the National Security Council,’ says Former PM Cameron "David Cameron criticises successors Theresa May and Boris Johnson over security and foreign policies | The Independent" https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/david-cameron-national-security-strategy-committee-boris-johnson-theresa-may-b1809851.html
  7. We should be sounded him out now Why wouldn't he tho given his years of management experience? Yes he loads of club experience and international experience aswell. Flores? Why Wagner?
  8. How about Lenihan with Wharton with Ayala, Carter and Maglorie in reserve
  9. Who cares about the Germans? Well behind us in vaccinations. But no surprise really
  10. Same old Jim. Reading newspapers that are reporting yesterday news whilst tv news channels reporting current or latest news
  11. Ipswich deny any takeover deal is on the table and Evans is looking for new manager
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