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  1. Exactly Gav. Just done my little shopping trip to Asda. All items I wanted were there as always
  2. They didn't need to meet the point based system but just apply the Settlement scheme. We have some foriegn staff at my workplace and they all applied for the scheme and not left the UK cos of Brexit. Well we have some foriegn staff at my workplace who are Good people and never left to back home.
  3. Well these foriegn drivers weren't ever asked to leave or told to. It's was their choice. Over 5 million people have applied for settlement scheme.
  4. Well look forward to seeing the goals of this game
  5. How is it easy answer? Plenty of season ticket holders were to the Barnsley away game including myself. Yes I haven't missed a home league game this season.
  6. @longsiders1882, what do you think of the start to the season? on Dyche, has any changes been made since the take over happen? have the new owners change any boardroom staff around?
  7. Well I am just passing on the info I was given by a work colleague who is Blackpool FC season ticket and someone I will be few pints with pre and post games
  8. They hasn't been anything aimed at Mowbray in the 5 games Ive attended this season
  9. New Nottingham Forest CEO has made a number of important changes behind the scenes there and Cooper is the head coach and not manager. He will be involved in transfers but not the final decision https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1097080167?-291:807
  10. Well the away stand does hold 5k normally but I was speaking to work colleague on Thursday Morning who is Blackpool FC season ticket holder and he informed me that part of the stand and facilities aren't up to H+S standards and he is surprised we got over 3k to buy.
  11. are you starting the chants during the game then Mike?
  12. I expected Allardyce to some loyalty towards to his present employer at the time. But I don't get this Allardyce love in that still people have with him. He balled up his dream job with England didn't he. on Obafemi transfer, what I wanted was decision to be made and for us not to wasting time and chasing someone who had zero interest in coming here. And for us not to be missing out on other targets we could have signed. You might be happy to wait for him to take weeks making decisions but if a few days he can't a decision then I would move on Yes I know all about the Walker's family not liking football and lack of finances at the club at the time. But wasn't the Walkers family told by Williams/Finn running the club that with the new TV deal coming in and being so much money they didn't need to sell the club. Like I said at the time if he wanted to move to Dubai for the extra cash then we should have allowed him to go. Plenty of good managers out there at that time. I thought they would have moved to more of overseas set up with director of football/head coach set up. Venkys listened to the wrong people at that time
  13. Well we late finalise the Maja transfer far too late. Yes we did know that Armstrong was leaving but it appears that the terms werent right so they wait. Mowbray explained what happened on the final 3 days of the transfer window. I expect we go back in for him in January. If we had sign Maja then you would have been happy? would you be happy if we sign Oliver Burke?
  14. Its the only game I played now on the PC. Yes it does take time up but thats the point for me of these types of games. Plus I can play this whilst watching live football on TV. My ex hated me playing these sort of games cos it got more attention than she did
  15. Always negative Jim. Hope you looking forward to the Labour Party conference next week Jim. Hope you going
  16. Why not do 2 game bundle for the Barnsley and Huddersfield homes for 25 pounds for adults and Kids under 16's a fiver. Plus a discount on the next home game against Boro or a discount on a shirt..
  17. It's roughly around 16 to 20 million pounds each season they put in. Give or take JH. Built on loans? We have 4 loans this season. Lowest we had 2 loans in our season back on this level. We have Elliott, Trybull, Douglas, Harwood-Bellis and Branthwaite last season. 3 the season previously. Yes we have a young squad currently but a squad that can develop and learn this season. We were right to cut the deadwood from our squad. If we had sign Maja then I would have very positive about a top 10 finish.
  18. Let's hope we get a new deal with the Aussie company Recoverite again for extension. Don't want any more better companies. Well let's hope the 2022/23 shirts are just as good as this season 3 shirts.
  19. The UK has the Fastest growing economy in the g-7 this year according to OECD
  20. I knew that summer he wanted out for a middle East as the media reported it. John Williams later that summer confirmed it. So it wasn't about saving face at all https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/9007986.allardyce-i-wanted-quit-blackburn-rovers/ He wanted out of Rovers long before Venkys turned up. His own biography backs this up.
  21. That sale, you still had plenty of time to replace him, have the club failed in that regard? “I think we were really unlucky, I wouldn’t use the word failure, I think we had a target in mind and had worked on that player for a few weeks. We got that player in, brought him over France, most of the fans knew as much as me in terms of who it was and why he wasn’t signed, he was the number one target for Tony to replace Adam. “As things progressed we weren’t able to do the deal and he had to go back to Bordeaux.” Would you go back in for Josh in January? “We’re keeping tabs on Josh and some other strikers who come January might be available. As I’ve said to Tony there’s a budget available to go and get an out of contract player now, but that’s quite a difficult call. “Or when the window opens on January 1 we looked at what’s available and if it fits the bill. “We’ve had a lot of players out of contract thrown at us, some quite star-studded names, but they haven’t played for 18 months so by the time they get up to speed, a couple of months to get them to full fitness, you’re nearly at the January window so Tony’s view is to hold our position and see how we go. “We’ve got Gallagher and Brereton that we brought in and they can step up to the mark and let’s keep going with what we’ve got and looked at it in the January window.” How difficult was it to get the player in from France, you’ve done all the work that you want to do but the medical makes it a difficult decision? “It’s really tough when a player wants to be at the club and you want the player and you have to sit in front of that player and tell them ‘you can’t come’. “It’s really difficult, not quite as bad as saying to your scholars that you’re not going to make it to the professional level, that’s another tough call, but it was a tough call. “The player was emotional, he’d set his heart on coming, he saw it as a stepping stone back into the UK market and to develop with us and it was a blow. “It’s the tough side of football, but then we can’t sign a footballer who’s not going to be able to perform for us for a period of time.”
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