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  1. Widely reported that Keand has been in for talks with Celtic and their broad. But overlook for Howe Howe has been in talks for days from media reports. In talks over staff, budgets and targets
  2. Kane, Ronaldo and Messi commenting on this would help this cause. Pep Guardiola press conference is tomorrow I think
  3. I just dont see it happening in a month of Sundays. You are want dream about it happening then fair enough Biesla is on around 6 million I believe. Celtic are in advanced talks with Eddie Howe. Roy Keane was in talks aswell but not gone further Why is Klopp going to leave Liverpool?
  4. Bruno Fernandes is the first one. Wonder how many more will today or tomorrow?
  5. Mourinho ain't coming here full stop. Venkys ain't paying those wages If you want to keep dreaming that he is then I would question your sanity
  6. Bruno Fernandes weight in on this plans and he ain't in favour of them. Any more world class players will be appalle by these plans
  7. Really? Are you expecting Venkys to pay 6 million pounds for our next manager?
  8. It was fair question Silas in my opinion. Mike needs to explain his actions surely? Also if people are on my ignore list then their questions won't be answered or even read by myself.
  9. There is zero chance of Mourinho coming to the Championship and Blackburn Rovers. If you honestly think we have even 1% chance of appointing him then I don't know what planet you are living on.
  10. Boris can stop Liverpool and any other English clubs playing here. Cos you are the only person I've seen on here or other social media formats in favour of this greedy stupid proposals. The rest of footballing world and political world is against these plans. Even the players seems against these proposals from Media reports, Plus legends of the games are against them, Fans groups from all parts of UK and European fans groups are against these. Thats tell you all you need to know about these proposals. Scrap them now, apologises for these actions and re-join the European Club
  11. They were very genuine questions Mike. I've answered more than my fair share of questions on the Politics thread I would say Mike. Should you really be disclosing my hidden posts on the forum in your role as moderator, surely this wrong? @K-Hod, @J*B? Surely these hidden posts should remain private and not be disclose publicly? More than happy to answer but please don't moan if you don't get the answer you want? Maybe these members questions don't get answer due to being on my ignore list? Do I need to comment on every single news story Mike? I always sai
  12. @Gav, The questions I was asking were genuine questions and engaging with Members from the messageboard who are Labour voters or Members.
  13. Its people like you Jim thats don't understand why people voted to leave the EU. If you think its was down to Immigration then you are deluded yet again Jim. No response to my questions yet Jim? maybe you can get a class friend to help you?
  14. PSG have said what they reasons are. At least they believe in the Football pyramid. I never said that these 12 clubs Super League propasol but Clubs like PSG, Bayern, Dortmund and Porto want to work with UEFA on reforming the Champions League and Europa League
  15. of course these people matters, its people like yourself who say they don't matter. Why doesn't Liverpool fans opinion matter, or UEFA President comments or the UK PM who can stop those clubs from playing here? who are these teams? Which other teams apart from the Greedy 12 clubs owners have asked to join this Super League? NO other clubs want to be part of it. Why are such a big fan of these clubs wrecking the football pyramid and those clubs just get more greedy and more greedy?
  16. They told you and the public why cos they dont want to part of close shop league and want to work with UEFA and their Champions League and Europa League. Look at PSG.statement, They believe in the champions league model where clubs like Leicester and Atlanta can quality for it. Arsenal and Spurs haven't qualify for it last season or this season either. Bayern, Dortmund, Gladbach, Porto dont want to part of it, so which other 8 clubs will join it?
  17. no one said it should have a bearing on any managerial appointment apart from you and others mention every time we suggest Ainsworth for the manager job here. Ainsworth should be on the shortlist when we have a vacancy here. Hopefully very shortly.
  18. no other European clubs want to be part of it, Who is going qualify for it? I have read that Manchester City and Chelsea have major reservations about this Super League, I wonder if they will drop out of it shortly following the backlash from this proposal whether its former players, managers, their fans, UEFA, FIFA and the UK Government statements Also read that One board member from a Big 6 club dioesn't know why we have promotion and relegation in football. Think we guess which clubs this could be from
  19. Why are you in favour of these 12 clubs walking away from our football pyramid and form a close shop league? Also why have other massive European clubs saying they wont join this Super league?
  20. Porto have said they wont join this ESL as Gladbach as. Looking like it will be just 12 teams super league from 3 nation. This ESL is based on the MLS model. Even players on social media taking a stance on this I wonder how long it will be before these 12 clubs apologise for these actions and rejoin the UEFA champions league
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