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  1. It's a game of opinions right? I think Dolan yesterday showed a more complete performance yesterday than I've ever seen Armstrong have regardless of goals.
  2. No idea. Whatever goes on in that man's head is baffling lol. Were you impressed by him yesterday?
  3. Potentially controversial opinion. I think Dolan is a better lone striker than Armstrong - hear me out. Yesterday Dolan defended from the front closed down everyone gave there defence very little time on the ball. Something I think Arma should be doing but comes across slightly lazy. Dolan yesterday his hold up play was absolutely fantastic. He allowed our players to catch up with fantastic use of his body and his ball skills, I think this is something that Arma can't really do. Yes Dolan didn't score but he created lots kept trying, can beat a man with pace of fancy footwo
  4. He was absolutely class yesterday. Made a few errors with some through balls. But other than that absolutely class. Should start Tuesday.
  5. Think we did, he's just highly rated in the elite / Olympic level of fitness coaching. Think the problem is more the physio than injuries. Or the fact we have bought players made of glass.
  6. See a tweet from someone attended a meeting tonight with Waggot, anyone who went got an update?
  7. Chris Rush is highly rated. Few mutual friends who know him rate him.
  8. Reckon the social team are making a video or something with a cheeky "5 minute warning 🛑" Mowbray 3 year extension due to being an honourable bloke.
  9. Tony, you talk about a journey but you've had lots of money to spend. Wasted it and based on season by season we've got worse. Is a journey meant to be upward? Tony you say you're an honourable man, we're getting worse and worse. Tony why do you throw certain players under the bus? How hasn't the defence been fixed after 20 odd seasons. You said you need 6 transfer windows to get to the prem, you've had 6 windows why are we getting worse. You blamed form on injuries and said once Travis and Dack are back it'll be fine, why haven't we improved then? Why di
  10. Hey mate, there's a very very easy way to get in contact with the Venkys, not sure if I can elaborate as don't want to break GDPR but I will look it up and see what I can explain.
  11. No way! Evans has a much better read of the game and puts in effort tracking his man down. Trybull just jogs around didn't even close down a cross just let it happen when he was right in front of it last night.
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