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  1. I genuinely think @J*Bshould be the BRFCs representative at these things, every view he has is pretty representative of all of us on this board and he's probably the most balanced.
  2. It's someone saying it should be Tony Mowbray time not Tony saying it's his time.
  3. Mowbray wasted £12m on inept players. With that he could have overhauled the squad in every position and improved it. (Kaminski £500k) Instead he chose to waste it. So yes it is all Mowbrays fault. This team is good enough for top 6. It's impossible when Mowbray chops and changes the team every game and plays players in the wrong position. That's why we lack consistency. So Dave Carroll in my opinion you are wrong my a large stretch. @Hasta I completely agree with you.
  4. Silence from the club is embarrassing. Same record for number of defeats in a row as Kean. Mowbrays constant shifting of judgement drives me crazy. Is he the honourable and honest man we all originally thought he was?
  5. @Wood26so will all these "Great Signings" that Mowbray has made can you explain why we're not progressing?
  6. I'll tell you why. Cos Waggot will get a massive bonus once he sells Brockhall and develops it. I don't think Mowbray, Venus or Waggot will be gone soon, they will be in on the act and preparing for a nice tasty bonus.
  7. I reckon this might actually be the case you know.
  8. Had a dream that Mowbray, Venus and Waggot were gone. Woke up to the harsh reality that in fact the nightmare continues
  9. Seems very odd, tweeted Rich asking why they didn't announce, no response, they even wished Pascal Chimbonda happy birthday
  10. It's pretty hard to remove a covenant. It depends on length of term of the covenant and the ts &cs. Some people/organisations have had endless pots of money and not been able to break a covenant.
  11. Wouldn't play Brereton don't think he's good enough. Would put Elliot RW, Dolan LW and Dack just behind Arma.
  12. Apparently we should be a lot happier about today's team. What we thinking then? Nyambe start? No Gallagher? Dolan Start?
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