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  1. Meanwhile - Barnsley manager going to WBA - £2m compo. You want a good manager you go out and buy them. £5m and £7m for below championship level players is a joke. Meanwhile a good manager with a below championship level squad manages to get into the playoffs costing £2m
  2. How are people moaning about Benno leaving and making conspiracy theories 😂. He's league 1 at best and has been for 3 seasons. He's stopped Nyambe growing and got in the way of development of the youngsters.
  3. Reading Rich Sharpe's article makes me think they're tempering expectations for an embargo.
  4. Looks as if we are going into an embargo! Suits Mowbray down to a T. Doesn't have to perform and has something else to blame.
  5. Buzzing to boo Mowbray when we're allowed back. Think we need a massive protest personally.
  6. JRC contract extension, but no photo of Mowbray behind him like the usual contract extension pictures....
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