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  1. Just a reminder that to even apply for planning permission for housing technically breaches the covenants placed by the Walker Trust. Which Rovers have not quite done yet.
  2. Seems all this Mowbray shit has deadend my sense of humour Mowbray out. But no taxis.
  3. If you are anything older than 12 years old then you should be ashamed of that post.
  4. A 1-1 draw at home to Stoke pretty much symbolises Tony Mowbray 2021 at Rovers.
  5. Gav I was exactly the same at the time, and again in 2000 promotion year. The first and last thoughts every day where about Rovers getting promoted. Been said before but Rovers have outlasted 4 long term relationships/marriages, but luckily I'm with someone who feels the same!
  6. No idea but on an average gate of 1,000 at average price of £13 they'd get £299,000 a season on 23 games, so a third of that to come from a 3rd round defeat is good news
  7. £75,000 tv money, and another 20k if they lose, more if they win!
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